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August 25

Shorts Spotlight: Angels and Ghosts

The stigma surrounding mental illness is something that we all need to take responsibility in erasing. Part of this not only requires educating oneself about the various symptoms, but also taking the time to get to know those around us who often suffer in silence. In Sara Kenney’s award-winning short, which is narrated by Oscar […]

February 12

TBFF 2015: Ninah’s Dowry

There is a moment in Victor Viyuoh’s Ninah’s Dowry, while sitting by her dying father’s bedside, where Ninah (Mbufung Seikeh) questions her father about whether a roof over his head is more valuable than his own children? It may seem like a simply question, but her words cut deep considering the plight Ninah has been […]

December 22

Netflix Pick: Antboy

In an era where Marvel and DC will be releasing close to thirty films in the next six years, it is understandable that the mere prospect of seeking out yet another superhero film might cause audiences to cringing. Considering the glut of films that already exist, it is getting increasingly difficult for films not affiliated […]

December 10

Sonno Profondo (Deep Sleep)

Does your life suffer from a recent lack of sleazy erotica, black-gloved killers holding straight-razors, and stage blood the color of Heinz ketchup? If so, maybe you’ve missed out on the recent resurgence of interest in giallo, the classic Italian subgenre of lurid mystery-thriller. The trend of making new works in the giallo style has resulted in several intriguing films of late, […]

November 05

Netflix Pick: I Know That Voice

Voice acting can be a pretty thankless job with limited recognition, and the people involved wouldn’t want it any other way. When you venture beyond the celebrity voices that can sell a project, there are many skilled professionals working daily to make animated films and TV shows click. Their stories reach the forefront in I […]

December 30

The Broken Circle Breakdown

In Felix Van Groeningen’s beautiful and touching film The Broken Circle Breakdown, the link between joy and heartbreak is as pronounced as the music featured in the film. Even the seemingly euphoric bubble that love and family can create is not immune to the harsh realities of life. Like a slow leak, the air of […]

December 28

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

“What have we done?” The self-reflecting words uttered by Bilbo Baggins in the waning moments of the latest Middle Earth installment, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Not only has the character come to grasp what he and his company have unleashed, but it also sets the tone of discussion for the audience – and […]

December 26

The Wolf of Wall Street

Based on Jordan Belfort’s autobiographical novel, The Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Belfort’s rise to the top of, and subsequent fall from, Wall Street in the late 80s and early 90s. The film follows Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he decides to sell penny stocks to common people in order to make lots […]

December 24

American Hustle

American Hustle, much like the medium of film, is all about illusions. The characters that exist within David O. Russell’s latest film are all consumed with creating an image of something they are not. They believe in their hearts that they are destined for a life greater than the ones they currently lead. Lacking the […]

December 23

Christmas Must List

There are lots of movies I enjoy watching during the Christmas season, and sometimes I find a day I want Christmas in June and will watch them again, but I’m just realizing there are 5 that I must watch every Christmas season. And to be sure you don’t forget to see them too, here’s my […]

December 18


Spike Jonze’s brilliant new film Her left me speechless in ways that I had not anticipated. Similar to the characters within the film, I found myself unable to verbally express the emotions that I was feeling after the screening. It has been a while since a love story hit me in this way. Though my […]

December 15

Nymphomania Overload

Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac does not open in North American theatres until early 2014 and yet I am already starting to feel slightly exhausted by all the coverage. Amidst all of the “O-Face” posters, risqué trailers, and the overtly sexual stills being released, rarely has a day gone by without something Nymphomaniac related popping up […]

December 12


Life is all about choices. Some may seem more frivolous than others, but each and every decision has its consequences. The ramification of our choices is exquisitely explored in Christoph Kuschnig’s heart-wrenching film Hatch. Taking place over the course of one wintry Vienna night, Hatch focuses on two couples who are linked by the tough […]

December 11

Calcutta Taxi

The lives of three individuals intersect in surprising ways on one rather hot and hectic day in Calcutta. Adi Chaterji (Sunnie D’Souza), a Canadian art student studying abroad, finds his seemingly average day go up in smoke when a Calcutta taxi, driven by Rasul Ahmad (Anand Rajaram), takes off with his backpack. Desperate to get […]

December 06

Planet In Focus Review: Elemental

Elemental finds directors Gayatri Roshan and Emmanuel Vaughn Lee choosing three Echo-Crusaders, from different regions of the Commonwealth, to be the subjects of their film. The story follows the three as they try to bring change to harsh realities of today’s environmental climate. One of these individuals is Rajendra Singh, a commissioner with the Ganges […]

December 05

Award Season PSA

Now that award season is in full swing, best of the year lists and critic associations award nominations are flying fast and furious. As usual everyone wants to be the official tastemaker for the cinematic universe. Unfortunately, this means getting any sort of consensus on which film is truly the Lord of the Ring is […]

December 04

Blind Spot: The Hidden Fortress

A few days ago Matt Brown wrote a fantastic piece on being underwhelmed by two films that cinephiles collectively consider essential viewing. He cautions that lists like the Blind Spot series has mistakenly turned the film loving experience into mandatory viewing rather than something organic. He argues that it provides a false notion that one […]

December 01

Planet in Focus Review: Gringo Trails

Gringo Trails is a term used in South and Central America for the destinations where foreign tourists normally frequent. Travelers usually can be defined by three specific categories. The first are the drifters who stumble upon an area alone or possibly with one or two other people and stay for an extended period of time. […]

November 30

Blood in the Snow Review: Thanatomorphose

Thanatomorphose is described in Reverso’s French language dictionary as “modifications visibles ques la mort provoque sur les organismes” which, when translated into English, means “visible changes that death causes on organisms”. In what may be the most disturbing film since David Lynch’s Eraserhead, or at the very least The Human Centipede, writer/director Eric Falardeau delivers […]

November 29

Blood in the Snow Review: Short Film Showcase

One of the nice elements of the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is the large number of short films that the festival showcases amongst their feature films. Here is a small sample of the shorts screening as part of the BITS Short Film Showcase program. Tasha and Friends If the Muppets were ever […]