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October 24

TADFF 2017: Lowlife

There’s nothing like a good crime caper film to get people excited, and Ryan Prows’ first feature film, Lowlife does just that. Using his Taco restaurant as a front, Teddy ‘Bear’ Haynes (Mark Burnham) is an organ runner and pimp, using illegal immigrants as his main supply. He has El Monstruo (Ricardo Adam Zarate), as […]

October 20

TADFF 2017: Poor Agnes

Poor Agnes is a psychological thriller that puts the audience into the mind of a serial killer. Unlike the numerous psychopaths who routinely stalk and terrorize women, a staple in most films and television crime thrillers, the killer in Navin Ramaswaran’s latest film flips the convention on its head. Living in a small rural town, […]

October 19

TADFF 2017: Game of Death

Seven high schoolers gather at a home to do what most teenagers do in films such as this: talk about sex, drink, talk about sex, get high, talk about sex, and in, some cases, have sex. When they discover an obscure electronic board game in the house they cannot help but give it a spin. […]

October 18

TADFF 2017: Tragedy Girls

There is a serial killer running around in Sadie Cunningham (Deadpool’s Brianna Hildebrand) and McKayla Hooper (X-Men Apocalypse’s Alexandra Shipp)’s town, but the two teenagers are not afraid. In fact, they are downright excited. Creators of the Tragedy Girls crime blog, which covers local murders, the duo sees this as their opportunity to go viral. […]

October 18

TADFF 2017: Latched

A recently single choreographer heads up to the cottage with her hungry toddler in tow and you can tell right from the opening shots, and the unnerving score, that they’re headed for trouble. Directors Justin Harding and Rob Brunner have only 17 minutes with which to tell their tale so I’d rather spoil as little […]

October 16

TADFF 2017: Defective

Imagine a world where respect law and order was priority above all else. One where those who enforced the law did so as they saw fit without constantly being judge by those they were charged to protect. Some might argue that such order would make countries “great again.” However, what if the cost for such […]

October 15

TADFF 2017: Eat Locals

What happens when a vampire meeting gets ambushed by a military detail hell-bent on destroying the ancient undead? You get Eat Locals, well-known actor and now first-time director Jason Flemyng’s feature film. Eight vampires from different walks of life come together to discuss the rules and regulations of their existence. When they reveal one of […]

October 15

TADFF 2017: The Drop In

I enjoy short films because they are their own genre with their own rules. Unlike feature-length film, there’s no standard runtime, only an upper limit of 40 minutes (including credits) in order to qualify for Oscar consideration. The fact that shorts usually jump right into the action makes the genre feel freer and less predictable […]

October 14

TADFF 2017: Rabbit

Director and writer Luke Shanahan’s first feature film Rabbit is an ambitious blend of genres exploring the mysterious connection twins have that will leave audiences chilled, uneasy and slightly confused. Maude (Adelaide Clemens) is a med student in Germany, many miles from her native Australia. She has escaped family drama that ignited after her sister […]

October 14

TADFF 2017: The Villainess

With more action than you can take and a many-layered story, Jung Byung-gil’s The Villainess is full of love, betrayal and definitely no honour among thieves. Sook-hee (Kim Ok-bin) is a woman with a mission. After witnessing her father’s murder as a young girl, she is kidnapped with the hopes of revealing where her father […]

October 13

TADFF 2017: Sixty Minutes to Midnight

Neil Mackay’s latest action film Sixty Minutes to Midnight finds him once again reteaming with character actor Robert Nolan. This time around Nolan stars as Jack Darcy, a former soldier-turned-construction work who is filled with Y2K paranoia. Living a quiet life in East Texas, his only friend is his co-worker Markus (Arnold Sidney), he wants […]

October 12

TADFF 2017: Cult of Chucky

The Cult of Chucky is the seventh film in the Child’s Play franchise. Let that skin in for a moment. As a fan of the original film, I have always been a little conflicted at the various paths that this lengthy series has taken. What started out as a taut slasher film that had subtle, […]

October 12

TADFF 2017: My Friend Dahmer

High school can be a difficult place, especially for those who don’t fit in, but what was it like for infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer? We get some insight from the film My Friend Dahmer, adapted from a graphic novel written by Dahmer’s former classmate, artist Derf Backderf. The film takes us through Dahmer‘s (Ross […]

October 02

Toronto After Dark Reveals 2017 Lineup

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has unveiled its exciting 2017 lineup. Running from October 12th to 20th, the festival’s slate of feature films and shorts are guaranteed to entertain genre fans of every variety. Here is what is playing at the festival this year: MY FRIEND DAHMER Based on the acclaimed Graphic Novel of […]

October 25

TADFF 2016: The Void

Astron-6 has been a fixture in the festival circuit for many years now, starting with the over-the-top Father’s Day and Manborg to the giallo inspired horror comedy The Editor. Always full of laughs and outrageous comedy, two of the Astron-6 team, Steve Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie venture into a more traditional horror vein with the […]

October 23

TADFF 2016: Vitamins for Life, Olga, Boy Toys

Vitamins for Life Playing like an old educational video, and clocking in under two minutes, Grier Dill’s science fiction short film is a delight. Vitamins for Life is an instructional guide that highlights the importance of vitamins “F” through to “L”. Showing us how these vitamins protect us from aliens, portals, and a host of […]

October 20

TADFF 2016: The Master Cleanse

Self-help and self-improvement will always be an option for those who have recently suffered some sort of change or loss. In The Master Cleanse, the internal baggage of bad mojo from a past emotional trauma comes out in a different way. Paul Berger (Johnny Galecki) has lost his job and fiancée. He’s really sad, kind […]

October 19

TADFF 2016: In a Valley of Violence

There are many ways to hurt a man. You can physically assault him, humiliate him, and even steal that which he holds dear. One thing you never do though is mess with a man’s dog. This is a lesson that the folks of Denton, a town so cold-blooded it has earned the nickname “the valley […]

October 18

TADFF 2016: Creepy

Securing his place in Japanese horror history with Pulse and Cure, Kiyoshi Kurosawa takes us to the next level of uneasiness in his psychological horror Creepy. Takakura (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is a detective turned criminal psychology professor after the trauma of his last encounter with a criminal left him injured. His quieter lifestyle brings him to […]

October 17

TADFF 2016: Kill Command

From vacuuming rooms to building cars to performing surgery, robotic technology is fast becoming a part of everyday life. Robots are also fair game in the sci-fi realm, with many films asking “What if?” when it comes to artificial intelligence. In Steven Gomez’s Kill Command, the military gets their turn with the robots gone wrong […]