A hitman mourning the lost of a loved one finds himself caught in a web of deceit in Alex Chung’s Contracts. Anthony Lo (Alex Chung) has grown weary of the shifting tides in the world of contract killers. Once sacred codes are being blurred as political influence and the lust for power drive the industry. Unfortunately, Lo cannot quit until he uncovers the identity of “Ghost;” a mysterious killer of assassins who might be linked to the death of Lo’s beloved Malice (Margaryta Soldatova).

The film is filled with plenty of thrilling fight sequences to satisfy hardcore action fans. Unfortunately, those hoping for a bit more will be disappointed. While Chung is clearly skilled at staging pulsing action set pieces, the weight of the numerous hats he wears leads to cracks in the film’s sleek sheen. Aside from directing and starring in the film, he is also the fight choreographer, editor and writer. It is in the latter two where the film struggles from a narrative standpoint.

While Chung keeps the action moving at a brisk pace, but the film slows to a crawl when navigating the various story strands. Contracts aims to be a more complex film than the John Wick franchise it takes some inspiration from. However, Chung never spend enough time with any characters to understand the significance of the various double crosses at play. It often feels like important pieces of information were left on the cutting room floor, ultimately, making for a rather uneven film.

Chung shows much promise as an action star, it is just a shame Contracts’ script does not pack the same exciting punch.