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May 23

Inside Out 2017: Free Cece

On one horrific night in June 2011, Cece McDonald was violently attacked while walking with her friends. Attempting to defend herself, Cece, a transgendered woman, accidentally stabbed one of her attackers. Her incarceration sparked an international outcry as it once again highlighted the injustice that the transgender community endure when it comes to the criminal […]

May 19


Former heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner is not a name that may ring bells for many people. Chances are good though that you have heard about at least one of the two achievements he takes great pride in. The first of which was the fact that he lasted 15 rounds against boxing legend Muhammad Ali, even […]

May 17

TJFF 2017: Mandala Beats, Harmonia

After another successful year, the 25th Toronto Jewish Film Festival wrapped up this past weekend. Over at In the Seats, I took a look at two films that played the festival: Harmonia and Mandala Beats . I have included the TJFF synopsis of both films and links to my reviews below: Mandala Beats TJFF synopsis: […]

May 13


Bas Devos’ gorgeous and sparse film Violet opens with a shot of four CCTVs as they capture Jesse and best friend Jonas hanging out in the mall. The scene seems insignificant at first, as even the security guard monitoring the footage leaves his post at one point. However, the cameras silently observe Jesse and Jonas […]

May 06

Hot Docs 2017: The Force

Over at In the Seats, I reviewed the mesmerizing film The Force which plays Hot Docs one last time tomorrow. I have included the film’s Hot Docs synopsis and a link to my review below: The Force Hot Docs synopsis: ”A stunningly intimate fly-on-the-wall account of the beleaguered Oakland Police Department as it battles to […]

May 05

Hot Docs 2017: Island Soldier

A woman clings to a casket draped in the American flag as tears roll down her face. It is a scene that has sadly played out in many states, however, this is not America. This is the Federated States of Micronesia, a remote group of islands that have been supplying the U.S. military with soldiers […]

May 05

Hot Docs 2017: Recruiting for Jihad

Ubaydullah Hussain is an Islamist missionary who is also a recruiter, though he often denies the latter. Despite the philosophical rhetoric he spouts, when it comes to defining what a recruiter is, Hussain dedicates a large chunk of his time to helping young radicalized Norwegian men make their way to battle in Syria. Like a […]

May 02

Hot Docs 2017: Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower

To say Joshua Wong is a remarkable individual would be an understatement. Already gracing the cover of Time magazine, as “the face of protest,” at age 18, he displayed a gift from a young age for sorting through complex issues and finding concrete solutions. Wong is living proof that a clear message and resilience can […]

May 02

Hot Docs 2017: Step

As the final credits began to roll on Amanda Lipitz’s Step, a woman sitting next to me turned and said “wow.” She stated that she felt like she had cried throughout the whole film, the sound of sniffles and the frequent dabbing of eyes did not go unnoticed, but these were clearly tears of joy. […]

May 01

Hot Docs 2017: Unarmed Verses

The Toronto Community Housing’s Villaways neighbourhood is viewed as a slum by some, but for 12-year-old Francine Valentine it is home. However, it may not be her home for much longer. With the area about to go through a massive redevelopment, one that will bring shiny new condos that most of the current residents will […]

April 28

Hot Docs 2017: About My Liberty, Unrest

Over at In the Seats, I continued my Hot Docs coverage with reviews of About My Liberty and Unrest. I have included the Hot Docs synopsis of both films and links to my reviews below: About My Liberty Hot Docs synopsis: ”A group of millennial students plan protests unlike any Japan has ever seen—loud, well-marketed […]

April 28

Hot Docs 2017: PACmen

If you are still trying to understand how Donald Trump ascended to the highest office in America, then it would be wise to take a closer look at the Republican presidential nominees who were also in the race. In his eye-opening and thoroughly engaging film PACmen, director Luke Walker presents a fly on the wall […]

April 27

Hot Docs 2017: Bee Nation

In a tension filled room, an audience sits on the edge of their seats, gazing at William Kaysaywaysemat III standing on stage. They wait in anticipation for the young man to open his mouth and spell a word into a microphone. Regardless of one’s personal views of such competitions in terms of spectator sports, it […]

April 26

Hot Docs 2017: Mermaids

The myth of the mermaid has been told by the ancient Greeks, Inuit communities, and most famously in children’s fairy tales. Popular culture has also played a key role in perpetuating the allure be it the romantic charm of Disney’s The Little Mermaid or the dark musical fun of Agnieszka Smoczynska’s The Lure, our love […]

April 26

Hot Docs 2017: Gilbert, School Life, Rivolta, Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

Over at In the Seats, I continued my Hot Docs coverage with reviews of Gilbert, School Life, Rivolta and Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World . I have included the Hot Docs synopsis of both films and links to my reviews below: Gilbert Hot Docs synopsis: ”The bluest jokes and the shrillest whine delivered […]

April 25

Hot Docs 2017: Mama Colonel

Over at In the Seats, I reviewed the captivating film Mama Colonel which plays Hot Docs this weekend. I have included the film’s Hot Docs synopsis and a link to my review below: Mama Colonel Hot Docs synopsis: ”For 15 years, a determined female colonel led a unique brigade against sexual violence in the Democratic […]

April 24

Hot Docs 2017: Last Men in Aleppo

“I swear nobody cares about anybody anymore” expresses a sullen man in one of the many sobering moments in Feras Fayyad’s breathtaking documentary Last Men in Aleppo. The man is one of the White Helmet, volunteers in Syria who serve as rescue workers and fireman, a thankless job whose value to those they save is […]

April 24

Hot Docs 2017: The Grown-Ups

As part of my Hot Docs coverage, I will also be contributing some reviews over at In the Seats. So be sure to visit that site as well to see all of their fine Hot Docs coverage. Today you can read my review of the delightful film The Grown-Ups. I have included the film’s Hot […]

April 15

The Fate of the Furious

The long and winding road that the Fast & Furious franchise has found itself on has come with many unexpected turns. Now in its eighth film, the series once again finds itself having to figure out how to move forward without one of its main stars. Unlike 2 Fast 2 Furious, which simply tried to […]

April 08

TIFF Kids 2017: Not Without Us!, Jeffrey

The 2017 TIFF Kids International Film Festival opened this weekend bringing a wealth of movies that will educate, inspire and entertain children and adults alike. Celebrating its’ 20th anniversary, and running from April 7 through 23 at TIFF Bell Lightbox, it is the premier festival for children ages 3–13 (and those young at heart) and […]