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European Union Film Festival

November 20

EUFF 2017: My Name Is Emily

Mental stability and genius are two edges of a thin piece of wire. Robert (Michael Smiley) is bubbling under the wrong side of the ledger until his daughter Emily (Evanna Lynch) is born. Emily inspires Robert to fully blossoms as a person. He becomes a teacher and is moved to write a book turns into […]

November 19

EUFF 2017: The Citizen

Wilson (Dr. Cake-Baly Marcelo) has been trying to pass the citizenship test for years. He is a political refugee in Hungary having lost his wife, and two daughters who are still missing, in a conflict in his native land Guinea-Bissau. He works as a security guard in a supermarket and lives in an apartment complex […]

November 15

EUFF 2014: Fasten Your Seatbelts

Working in a picturesque cafe in Southern Italy, Elena (Kasia Smutniak) dreams of owning her own business with her best friend Fabio (Filippo Scicchitano). When not toiling away at work, the pair enjoy spending time with their lively friend Sylvia (Carolina Crescentini). However, Elena is not too fond of Sylvia’s obnoxious mechanic boyfriend Antonio (Francesco […]