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June 20

NXNE 2015: Jonathan Demme Presents Made in Texas

When one thinks of Austin, Texas images of barbecue, music and a thriving film community dance gleefully in the mind. Made in Texas is concerned with the latter. Curated by Jonathan Demme, and featuring contributions from the likes of SXSW co-founder Louis Black and more, the film is a collection of six short films that […]

June 19

NXNE 2015: Diamond Tongues

Edith (Leah Fay Goldstein) is an actress who believes she is destined for great things. However, her career has dictated otherwise. In the four years she has dedicated herself to her craft, she has yet to land a film role of any real merit. With only one film under her belt – a forgettable low […]

June 16

NXNE14: Boyhood

There are certain moments in cinema that are so rare they are truly transcendent. The moments in a film which not only awaken our communal senses, but also notify us that we will most likely never have such an experience again. That film which is so daring in its innovation that it cements its place […]

June 15

NXNE14: Lies I Told My Little Sister

Death has a way of exposing holes within even the tightest of families. It only takes the tragic removal of one peg to highlight how fragile the bonds were to begin with. The way in which death ultimately restructures the family dynamics is at the core of William J. Stribling feature length debut, Lies I […]

June 14

NXNE14: Panama

Music has a unique way of capturing a particular moment in time. A few mere strums of a guitar solo or a particular drum beat can instantly transport us to a key event in our life. A first kiss, a time of heartbreak, that brief period when we forgot proper decorum and simply let loose, […]

June 13

NXNE14: Whoops!

In the black comedy Whoops!, the term “till death do us part” takes on a whole new meaning. From the outside Rose and Dave Clements (Elaine Glover and Philip Rowson) seem to have the perfect life. Their respective careers, she is a real estate agent and he has his own building company, are going well […]

June 11

5 Films to Catch at NXNE 2014

The 2014 edition of NXNE kicks off on Friday bringing the world of music, film, comedy and technology to numerous venues across the city. Running from June 13th to June 22nd, the festival is a popular event each June. This year the film portion of the festival will be unveiling the Canadian Premiere of Richard […]

June 13

NXNE Review: All Out War

Moving with speed, grace, and precision they work through each round in hopes of knocking out their competition. The pressure nears its boiling point as the judges take note of each jab and the zealous crowd cheers for their favourite combatant. The two individuals in the ring have spent hours rigorously training for this exact […]

June 12

NXNE Review: The Global Groove Network

We all have those songs that instantly trigger fond memories of our youth. Just a mere few cords from a guitar can take us back to the song that played on the radio during the moment of our first kiss. Some vocal harmonies remind us of that long summer road trip in our friend’s old […]

June 11

NXNE Review: Mistaken for Strangers

Often we gauge our own success by measuring and comparing it to those around us. It is not right, but as humans it is some that almost comes as second nature. For some this measuring stick serves to spark a competitive and creative fire in them to achieve great things. Other opt for an introspective […]

June 10

NXNE Review: A Universal Language

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine to cure all ailments. Of course what one person finds amusing can be deemed hurtful and insulting to others. The subjective nature of comedy is what makes being a comedian one of the hardest jobs around. Unlike other art forms where it can take a […]

June 04

5 Must-See Films at NXNE

In less than a week the worlds of music, film, and comedy will collide at the 2013 NXNE festival. Running from June 10 th to June 16th the festival will feature performances from musical artists like The Nationals, Claxico, Billy Talent, Social Distortion, Smif N Wessun, Dan Deaco, Wintersleep and a slew of other acts […]

June 09

NXNE Review: Polaroid Song

Set in 1991, Polaroid Song focuses on 18 year-old Lise (Audrey Giacomini) as she reaches that important moment where adolescence ends and adulthood begins. Gifted with a talent for photography, Lise spends most of her time documenting the all girl rock band Periodlink as they prepare for their first live show. Lead singer Flory (Nolwenn […]

June 08

NXNE Review – Fugitives: Wax Live

Prior to signing with Def Jam records in March of 2011, Wax (aka. Michael Jones) was wanted by the law…in Canada at least. On August 20, 2010 Wax arrived in Toronto to play a series of shows. Unfortunately a DUI incident that occurred in the States led to Wax being rejected entry at the border. […]

June 07

NXNE Review: KMS – Jewish Negroes

It is hard not to feel a bit of anger and sadness when watching KMS – Jewish Negroes. This reaction is actually quite fitting considering that a lot of the music KMS produces expresses their anger towards the world they live in. Living in a large ghetto in central Israel, the members of group must […]