The Next O Ninho May 27

Inside Out 2016: The Nest (O Ninho)

Bruno (Nicolas Vargas), still wearing his military uniform when checking in at a Porto Alegre inn, comes across as a typically polite soldier at first. We soon see that the seemingly disciplined and obedient young man is preoccupied though; and that his mission in this city in the south of Brazil is personal. While searching […]

Southwest of Salem May 26

Inside Out 2016: Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

In the last half of the 1990s, San Antonio held a modern-day Witch Trial of four lesbian women. Friends Anna Vasquez, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh and Cassandra Rivera, often referred to as, “The San Antonio Four” found themselves accused of gang-raping Vasquez’s two young nieces. Southwest of Salem uses home video, local news footage, and […]

SuicideKale May 25

Inside Out 2016: Suicide Kale

Moral dilemma: one couple hosts another for a pleasant, mostly-vegan dinner party, and a little light snooping on the part of the guests turns up a suicide note. What to do, what to do? Obviously the visitors, Penn (Lindsay Hicks) and Jasmine (Brittani Nichols), themselves a newish couple, are concerned for their friends, who up […]

the same difference May 24

Inside Out 2016: The Same Difference

In her eye-opening debut film, Nneka Onuorah examines a form of prejudice that is rarely discussed in mainstream media. While it is common to think of homophobia as simply a straight versus gay issue, The Same Difference shows that discrimination can also be found within the African-American lesbian community. Exploring four of the unwritten rules, […]

À La Vie (To Life) May 20

À La Vie (To Life)

Returning home after spending several harrowing years in an Auschwitz concentration camp, Hélène (Julie Depardieu, daughter of Gerard Depardieu) slowly attempts to put the pieces of her life back together. Despite starting up a seamstress business and marrying her childhood sweetheart Henri (Hippolyte Girardot), a fellow camp survivor whom she has loved since age 13, […]

Sign O the Times 01 May 17

Sign O’ the Times

There was a twinge of sadness that briefly washed over me while watching Sign O’ the Times for the first time. As Prince broke into James Brown style splits and his band feverishly played like they were trying to kindle a fire with their sheer energy, it hit me in that joyous moment the magnitude […]

Captain America Civil War 01 May 13

Talking Captain America: Civil War on the Lambcast

In case you missed it, the latest episode of the Lambcast podcast was released yesterday. To start the summer movie season off right, I joined the panel to debate the pros and cons of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. In the spoiler filled episode we dive into the themes of Civil War, discuss the newest […]

Sunset Song May 12

Sunset Song

After exploring the intricacies of human connection in The Deep Blue Sea, Terence Davies is back with another emotionally rich journey. Similar to the picturesque shot of its protagonist emerging from the dense wheat field, as if being born by nature, Sunset Song is an exploration of a young woman’s coming of age in the […]

Captain America Civil War May 10

Captain America: Civil War

Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? This was the question heard among the faithful who braved the packed theatre to see Marvel’s latest blockbuster. While pledging allegiance to one particular fraction may cause rousing debates, and be a fantastic angle from a marketing standpoint, the fact of the matter is there are no […]

Diving into the Unknown 6 May 07

Hot Docs 2016: Diving into the Unknown

There is an undeniable tension within Juan Reina’s Diving into the Unknown that is both suffocating and exhilarating at the same time. The film is ultimately a tale of friendship and sacrifice but, at times, it could easily be viewed as a horror movie; one where nature is scarier than any boogeyman in the closet. […]


Hot Docs 2016: Urmila: My Memory is My Power

Sold into child slavery at the age of six by her impoverished family, Urmila Chaudhary’s life story is one of both pain and perseverance. It is the latter that anchors Susan Gluth’s inspirational film Urmila: My Memory is My Power. After enduring almost twelve years of slavery, Urmila has dedicated her life to helping to […]

The Rainbow Kid May 06

The Rainbow Kid

The less you know going into Kire Paputts’ first feature, the better. I’m tempted to leave it at that as The Rainbow Kid isn’t going to be for everyone. However, I owe it to anyone reading this to at least tell you enough to decide whether or not you’d like to submit yourself to this […]

No Man is an Island May 06

Hot Docs 2016: No Man is an Island

Resting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Lampedusa. A gateway to both Italy and Europe, the island has become a key destination for African refugees on their journey towards a better life. While the residences of Lampedusa like to boast that the island is the land of freedom and peace, […]

How_to_Prepare_for_Prison_1 May 06

Hot Docs 2016: How to Prepare for Prison

As the stories unravel in Matt Gallagher’s How to Prepare for Prison, we are privy to the reverberations that a looming prison sentence can have on one’s life. Each story contains its own peculiarity, and they are all in different stages of the process. In fact, a prison term is only a certainty in one […]

Aim_for_the_Roses_1 May 05

Hot Docs 2016: Aim for the Roses

“It’s going to be a long 102 minutes”. This was my first impression of Aim for the Roses, which makes its world premiere at the Hot Docs Film Festival. John Bolton’s documentary opens on a reenactment of Ken Carter (played by actor Andrew McNee with a yellow jumpsuit and terrible 70s beard) proclaiming his destiny […]

The_Happy_Film_2 May 05

Hot Docs 2016: The Happy Film

How does one achieve and maintain a consistent state of happiness? Is such a thing even possible considering the hardships that come with relationships and life in general? These are some of the questions that directors Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Nabors attempt to answer in The Happy Film, a film about happiness that, within its […]

Shining_Star_of_Losers_Everywhere May 04

Hot Docs 2016: The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere

In 2003, Japan was amid its “Lost Decade”. The economy was stagnant, unemployment was on the rise, and from 1995 to 2007 real wages fell 5%. For all the economic damage, it is possible that the Japanese people suffered even more from a morale standpoint, as the prospects for the future appeared bleaker with each […]

Just_A_Dog May 04

Hot Docs 2016: Just a Dog

How is a cop like a box of chocolates? They’ll both kill your dog. Seven the Saint Bernard was one such dog. He was one of the roughly ten thousand dogs killed by police in 2006. Ten thousand more dogs have been killed every year since. Just a Dog examines the impact of one pet’s […]

Fear_Itself_2 May 04

Hot Docs 2016: Fear Itself

We all experience fear and are often frightened of different things; unconsciously allowing it to shape how we go about our lives. Fear Itself, a visual essay by Charlie Lyne, attempts to aid one narrator’s journey into her own subconscious, as she tries to decipher what makes her afraid and why, by illustrating it through […]

Off the Rails May 03

Hot Docs 2016: Off the Rails

Darius McCollum takes great pride in the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) uniform he wears. Not only does he strive to ensure that riders have a safe and enjoyable ride with each train he conducts, but he is also willing to protest for better wages for MTA workers, even if it means spending 20 days in […]


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