hidden-figures January 22

The End of #OscarsSoWhite? Not So Fast.

On Tuesday the Academy Awards will be announcing this year’s nominees vying for the iconic golden statues in various categories. In the past, the lead up to the announcement was a time of speculation and excitement for cinephiles worldwide. This year, however, feels different. The escapist fanfare that the Oscar nominations once provided has been […]

blade-runner-2049 January 19

Talking Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 on the LAMBcast

On the latest episode of the LAMBcast podcast, I joined the panel to discuss five films that we are each looking forward to in 2017. Shockingly, the conversation was not dominated by sequels or franchises, though several do make an appearance. Needless to say we barely cracked the surface of all the cinematic treats that […]

divines January 18

TIFF Next Wave Announces 2017 Lineup

Your first love. Your first loss. The first time you broke the rules and felt the thrill. Some of the most magical moments in life are your firsts — many of them happening in your youth. Take a trip back in time and relive your firsts at the sixth annual TIFF Next Wave Film Festival™. […]

jack-reacher-never-go-back January 17

New on Blu-ray: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher does not go looking for trouble, but trouble always seems to find him. If you have ever read one of Lee Child’s novels starring his iconic Jack Reacher character, then it is easy to understand why Tom Cruise would want to portray the character onscreen. A former military officer turned drifter, Reacher leads […]

window-horses January 16

Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival: Window Horses (The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming)

If we wait long enough everything will change. Our perception of self, love and family will all have greater meaning. Of course, one needs to be open to the notion that life is rarely what it appears to be. It is this inner journey towards understanding that marks the visual splendor of Ann Marie Fleming’s […]

angryinuk_07 January 15

Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival: Angry Inuk

An Inuit community in Canada’s northern territories faces an interesting challenge. How can a culture, that prides itself on a patient and understated expression of anger, make themselves heard when their opponents are famous for a more aggressive approach? Canadian seal hunting has gotten a lot of media attention since the late 1970s thanks to […]

sita-sings-the-blues-with-text January 14

Changing Reels Ep. 10 – Sita Sing the Blues

  It is often said that nothing in life comes for free. Well in the case of artist Nina Paley, that is not entirely true. Paley decided to give her animated film Sita Sings the Blues to the masses free of charge. Using the epic Hindu poem as a catalyst for exploring the crumbling nature […]

Blind Vaysha January 14

Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival: Blind Vaysha

Blind Vaysha is an allegorical animated short from Theodore Ushev, and it is an absolute triumph. Narrated by Caroline Dhavernas, the film is an adaptation of a 2001 short story by Georgi Gospodinov about a young girl who is born with a peculiar affliction: her left eye sees only the past and her right eye […]

maliglutitsearchers_04 January 13

Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival: Maliglutit (Searchers)

The latest film by Inuk filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner) is another intriguing look at the people and landscapes of the North. While inspired by John Ford’s 1956 western classic The Searchers, it feels wrong to call Maliglutit, which he co-directs with Natar Ungalaaq, a remake. It is much more than that. Kunuk […]

bugs_documentary-2 January 13


Imagine going to your favourite restaurant and ordering a dung beetle stew just as easily as you can order a gourmet hamburger. While the notion may seem far fetched to some, Andreas Johnsen’s latest film Bugs makes a convincing argument for insect infused culinary dishes. Embarking on a “gastronomic adventure” with Josh Evans and Ben […]

null January 09


“You’ve got to take the crooked with the straights” barks Troy Maxson to his son Cory while instructing the young man to quit the football team. The line is not meant to comfort Cory, whose hope of earning a scholarship will be killed as a result of his father’s demands, but rather to remind him […]

a-monster-calls January 06

A Monster Calls

The sight of a tree-like monster uprooting itself from the ground is enough to terrify most children, but not 12-year-old Conor O’Malley. At a stage where he is “too old to be a kid, too young to be a man,” Conor (Lewis MacDougall, who gives a breakout performance) has more pressing things to deal with […]

la-la-land January 05

La La Land

Every few years a movie comes along that tries to reinvent something in Hollywood. The last big reinvention was The Artist, which tried to revive silent films, or at least the concept of silent films and old Hollywood. These novelty films are often lauded for simply that, their novelty. While I HUGELY value originality, I […]

Moonlight January 04

Moonlight Wins Big at Online Film Critics Society Awards

Moonlight was the big winner of the Online Film Critics Society’s annual awards announced yesterday. Barry Jenkins’ drama walked away with a leading four wins including Best Picture and sweeping the Supporting Acting categories. Tied with Moonlight with seven nominations, La La Land took home two awards for Best Cinematography and Best Editing. Casey Affleck […]

O.J. Made in America January 01

Top Ten Films of 2016

Considering the political climate the world finds itself in, the end of 2016 could not come soon enough. While the fallout of this past year will be analyzed for decades, it was not all doom and gloom. In the realm of non-blockbuster cinema, 2016 was a fantastic year. As the saying goes “anyone who tells […]

blockbuster-beatdown_image December 31

2016: Blockbuster Beatdown

Millions rallying behind a man who crudely tells it like it is…or at least his skewed version of the truth. Openly misogynistic rhetoric flooding social media; some of which lamenting the loss of the good ole days. Hordes of people rejecting that which was once considered a sure bet. In a strange way, it can […]

fireworks-wednesday-w-text December 30

Changing Reels Ep. 9 – Fireworks Wednesday

It is a celebration of Iranian cinema on this episode of the show. First up we seem to have Ana Lily Amirpour’s A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night on the brain as Courtney’s short film, Kevin Hamedani’s In Her Place, stars Shelia Vand, who famously played the lead in Amirpour’s breakthrough film. Andrew opts […]

tower December 28


  On August 1 1966, Charles Whitman, a student at the University of Texas, barricaded himself in the tower of the main building on campus and opened fire on unsuspecting civilians. Armed with a sniper rifle, among other weapon, Whitman killed 16 people and wounded 36 others before he was taken out by police officers. […]

hidden-figures December 25

Hidden Figures

History is often shaped by those who tell it. This is why many will know the tale of John Glen’s historic journey that made him the first American astronaut to orbit the earth, but few will have heard of some of the people that helped him get there. Theodore Melfi’s latest film Hidden Figures aims […]