Vanity February 28

Shorts Spotlight: Vanity

In this sly dark comedy from director Arturo Perez Jr., the audience observes Libby (played by Samantha Jayne who also wrote the script) as she gets ready for a night out on the town. Invited to an event by a guy she is clearly interested in, Libby is a bit perturbed by the fact that […]

Girlhood February 26


Under the clear night sky two all-female football teams square off surround only by the glow of stadiums lights. The players compete with the same grit and intensity as their male counterparts despite not having a single fan to cheer them on. It is an inspired choice by Céline Sciamma to use football, a sport […]

Hot Docs -Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck February 25

Hot Docs Offers First Look at Special Presentation Titles

The Circus Dynasty Hot Docs has provided a first look at 17 documentary features that will be a part of this year’s Special Presentations program, a high-profile collection of world and international premieres, award-winners from the recent international festival circuit and works by master filmmakers or featuring some star subjects. These films will screen as […]

Taymor-Titus 1 February 24

The Auteurs: Julie Taymor

One of the daring visionaries in the world of film and theatre, there is definitely no one like Julie Taymor. Known for both her visual extravagance as well as creating unique interpretations of famous stories, she has garnered quite a reputation despite only having a small number of films to her credit. The stories she […]

the conformist February 23

Blind Spot: The Conformist

After Marcello Clerici (Jean-Louis Trintignant) confesses a harrowing tale of childhood sexual abuse, the priest in the booth on the other side of the pew only responds with curiosity and not shock. “Now you must tell me the details” states the priest, as if savoring every salacious detail. It is a strange response to which […]

sceneitoscars18 February 22

I Have Scene It Before

In honour of the Oscars tonight, here is an Academy Awards edition of I Have Scene It Before. Last month only 16 of the 21 films were identified. The films that proved challenging were: John Woo’s Mission Impossible 2 (#1), the 1966 drama Andrei Rublev (#4), Fritz Lang’s You Only Live Once (#7), 2004’s Phil […]

Oscars Nominees Luncheon February 21

Diversity and the Academy Awards

As anticipation for the 87th Academy Awards is nearing its fever pitch, Keith, the founder of the site Keith & the Movies, decided to look at one of the hot button issues to emerge from this year’s Oscar race: the lack of racial diversity in the nominations. In the latest edition of his “Movie Bloggers […]

A Measure of Sin 1 February 16

A Measure of the Sin

I’m not entirely sure at what point I realized the events of A Measure of the Sin were meant to be approached symbolically, not literally, but I’m pretty sure I figured it out before the bear showed up. Let me rewind. Meredith (Katie Groshong) is one of three young women who live in an ancient rambling […]

TBFF-Sound of Torture February 15

TBFF 2015: Sound of Torture

Meron Estefanos sits at a sparse desk in her home in Sweden conducting her Voices of Eritreans radio show. The Eritrean ex-pat is speaking with a caller over the phone whose been kidnapped in the Sinai Desert. The woman’s Bedouin captors torture her on air hoping that the screams of pain will encourage her relatives, […]

TBFF-The Supreme Price1 February 15

TBFF 2015: The Supreme Price

After an extended absence, Hafsat Abiola finally returns to her homeland of Lagos, Nigeria, a place she was forced to flee after the events that occurred following her father’s, M.K.O. Chief Abiola, presidential victory in a free election in 1993. The victory was short lived as her dad, who never took office, was imprisoned after […]

Partners in Crime February 13

TIFF Next Wave: Partners in Crime

In director Chang Jung-chi psychological thriller, Partners in Crime, the lives of three vastly different students are changed forever by the suspicious death of a fellow student. Although Huang, Lin, and Yeh all attend the same Taipei high school, their paths had not crossed until the day they discovered Hsai Wei-chiao’s lifeless body in an […]

Boy 7 February 13

TIFF Next Wave: Boy 7

Sam (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen) wakes up on a crowded subway with no recollection of who he is or how he got there. After a confrontation with the police reveals that he possesses above average combat abilities, the confused teenager sets out to uncover his true identity. Aided by the mysterious Lara (Ella-June Henrard), […]

Wet Bum February 12

TIFF Next Wave: Wet Bum

The confines of a swimming pool serve as the perfect metaphor for the awkwardness of adolescence in Wet Bum, the charming and moving debut film from Lindsay MacKay. Underneath the calming waters of the pool is where Sam (Julia Sarah Stone, who gives an outstanding performance) is most at peace. With each graceful stroke she […]

TBFF-Ninah's Dowry February 12

TBFF 2015: Ninah’s Dowry

There is a moment in Victor Viyuoh’s Ninah’s Dowry, while sitting by her dying father’s bedside, where Ninah (Mbufung Seikeh) questions her father about whether a roof over his head is more valuable than his own children? It may seem like a simply question, but her words cut deep considering the plight Ninah has been […]

The Imitation Game February 11

First TimesTalks+TIFF to Feature the Stars of The Imitation Game

TIFF announced today that it will collaborate in 2015 with TimesTalks, The New York Times’ initiative which livestreams conversations between Times journalists and today’s leading talents and thinkers. The first TimesTalks+TIFF takes place in Los Angeles on Monday, February 16, at 8 p.m. P.T. (11 p.m. ET) at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly […]

TBFF-Boss2 February 11

TBFF 2015: Boss

Before Django, the titular character of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, strapped on his spurs and cowboy hat, there was Boss. A no-nonsense former slave turned bounty hunter who carried the swagger of Shaft and the grit of Eastwood’s The Man with No Name. Unlike Tarantino’s stylized homage to the blaxploitation and western genres, Jack Arnold’s […]

TBFF-Manos Sucias February 10

TBFF 2015: Manos Sucias

Executive produced by Spike Lee, Manos Sucias tells the tale of two brothers struggling to survive in a world drowning in poverty and endless corruption. Delio (Cristian James Abvincula) is a 19 years-old new father living in the slums of Buenaventura, Columbia. When not dreaming of making it big in the music industry, he plots […]

TBFF-Through the Lens Darkly_1 February 09

TBFF 2015: Through a Lens Darkly

Ingeniously utilizing the concept of family photo albums as a starting point to convey how images are cultivated to create and project a certain ideal, Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People embarks on a rather startling and poignant journey. The film delves into photography’s long and disturbing history of […]

TBFF-The Silent Treatment February 09

TBFF 2015: Bee & Julie-Julie, The Silent Treatment, Haleema, Betty’s Blues

Considering the number of quality feature films and documentaries playing the Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF), it is easy to overlook the wealth short films screening as well. Fortunately we have you covered. Today we take a brief look at a couple of the short films that are playing TBFF this year. Bee & Julie-Julie […]

Boogie Nights February 07

Talking Paul Thomas Anderson on the Lambcast

It is no secret that I am a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan, so when the opportunity arose to discuss the director’s canon I simply could not refuse. After two long years, I still cannot believe it has been that long, I make a return appearance on The Lambcast podcast for their retrospective on Paul […]


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