TIFF-Revenge of the Green Dragons-2 September 18

TIFF 2014: Revenge of the Green Dragons

Martin Scorsese and Andrew Lau have had a rather interesting working relationship over the last few years. Scorsese was so taken by Lau’s thrilling police procedural Infernal Affairs that he remade the film into the Oscar winning film The Departed several years later. Though Scorsese is only listed as executive producer on Lau’s latest crime […]

TIFF-The Tribe-2 September 17

TIFF 2014: The Tribe

When the title card appeared on screen announcing that The Tribe tells its tale in sign language, with no dialogue and no subtitles, a young woman in the audience made a comical remark clearly intended to create a fake sense of shock. At the 9:45 PM screening the crowd was clearly getting a bit loopy […]

TIFF-Beats of the Antonov September 17

TIFF 2014: Beats of the Antonov

Music is many things to many people. It can speak to the soul, change a mood, and perfectly encapsulate a moment in time. For the Sudanese farmers, herders, and rebels residing in the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions, music means so much more. It serves as both a symbol of their heritage and as […]

TIFF-leviathan September 16

TIFF 2014: Leviathan

One of the many things that director Andrey Zvyaginstev nails in his latest work, Leviathan, is scale. The characters’ problems may be life altering, but they themselves seem small in comparison to the world around them. They are eclipsed by a landscape where the fossilized bones of a whale seem mammoth compared to the young […]

TIFF-Songs She Wrote About People She Knows September 15

TIFF 2014: Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

Carol (The Cabin Movie’s scene-stealer Arabella Bushnell) has a lot that she wants to get off her chest. Years of anger and frustration are boiling underneath her serene demeanor. Taking advice from her therapist, she enrolls in a musical therapy group that teaches individuals to sing what they are feeling. Gifted with a lovely singing […]

TIFF-Mommy-2 September 14

TIFF 2014: Mommy

There is a wonderful montage in the latter part of Xavier Dolan’s award-winning film Mommy that is both breathtakingly beautiful and devastating. Dolan uses this brief moment to perfectly encapsulate what it means to be a parent. Every hope and dream that comes with years of sacrifice captured on screen in vibrant colour. It is […]

Foxcatcher September 13

TIFF 2014: Foxcatcher

Bennett Miller has a knack for focusing on characters that seemingly have it all together on the surface, but whose narcissism often expose their deep flaws. It is what makes films like Capote, and Miller’s more recent work Foxcatcher, so compelling. In Foxcatcher, Miller delicately explores the way that narcissism subtly infiltrates, and ultimately erodes, […]

TIFF-Whiplash 2 September 12

TIFF 2014: Whiplash

Greatness is achieved through sacrifice and drive. It comes from the ability to push the body and mind further than anticipated. It is not something that is inherent in everyone. While the world is filled with talented people, only a few have what it takes to truly be great. Identifying who those select few are…well […]

TIFF-Ned Rifle-2 September 11

TIFF 2014: Ned Rifle

Hal Hartley has been making films for 25 years and yet he is still not a household name. Even amongst many self-proclaimed cinephiles, Hartley’s name does not ring bells the way it should. Not that this fazes Hartley mind you, he is a director who cares little about being accepted by the masses. His interests […]

TIFF-Second Coming September 10

TIFF 2014: Second Coming

As someone who was raised Christian, the story about the birth of Jesus has been ingrained in me from an early age. The immaculate conception of Mary, arguably one of the most important events in the bible, was always the most puzzling aspect for me. Whenever I questioned the logistics of Mary’s predicament, I was […]

TIFF-The Tales of The Princess Kaguya 2 September 09

TIFF 2014: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

In a world where audiences are finally embracing animated princesses who are strong and independent, Isao Takahata’s The Tale of the Princess Kaguya feels right at home alongside films like Frozen and Brave. Unlike those films though, Takahata has much loftier goals. His narrative attempts to not only present an intricate story in a cohesive […]

TIFF-Beyond the Lights September 08

TIFF 2014: Beyond the Lights

After struggling for four years to get her film Beyond the Lights made, the stars could not have aligned more serendipitously for director Gina Prince-Bythewood. Coming off a summer in which Nicki Minaj set tongues wagging by releasing both a controversial cover image and a racy video for her latest album Anaconda, Beyond the Lights’ […]


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