Jacques Tati-Playtime October 04

The Auteurs: Jacques Tati

Among one of the masters in the art of comedy, Jacques Tati was someone who could effortlessly blend humor with social commentary like no other. He took the pantomime style of Charles Chaplin and infused it with a whimsical persona that was infectious. Though he only made six feature films, and a handful shorts, in […]

TAD-Backtrack October 03

Toronto After Dark Announces 10th Anniversary Lineup

The Toronto After Dark: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Cult Film Festival has unveiled its exciting 2015 lineup. Once again compiling an exciting array of feature films and a fantastic collection of shorts, the festival is gearing up to offer audiences tons of thrills and chills this Halloween season. The 10th annual edition of the festival […]

Maelström October 01


Denis Villeneuve’s Maelström opens with an unexpected narration from a bloodied, dying fish on a fishmonger’s chopping block. The scene is absurd and grisly, as The Fish (voiced by Pierre Lebeau) gasps for oxygen in between winces from the blow of the cleaver. The Fish will serve as both our narrator and as a framing […]

Jafar Panahi Taxi September 30

Jafar Panahi’s Taxi

One of the things that will strike audiences immediately about Jafar Panahi’s Taxi is the film’s surprisingly light tone. Considering that it is the third film Iranian director Jafar Panahi has defiantly made since being sentenced to six years of house arrest and a twenty-year ban on making films back in 2010, it is easy […]

The Monster Squad September 28

Blind Spot: The Monster Squad

Childhood nostalgia is such a personal thing that debating the merits of that which brought us so much joy in our youth seems like a pointless endeavor. Similar to the never ending Coke versus Pepsi debate, there can never be a right answer. It all boils down to personal taste. Of course that has not […]

Foxed! September 27

Shorts Spotlight: Foxed!

Last year, while attending the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I had the pleasure of seeing a curious little short film entitled Foxed! Co-directed by James Stewart and Nev Bezaire, the film immediately drops the viewer right into the middle of the narrative. Similar to its main character, a young girl named Emily (Athena Karkanis), […]

Melville September 26

Shorts Spotlight: Melville

There is a deceptive beauty to James M. Johnston’s gripping short film Melville. At first the film appears to be a quirky indie comedy as the viewer witnesses a sullen Marcus (Chicago-based rapper Rodney “F.Stokes” Lucas) abruptly interrupt a man smoking in his car, with a young child in the backseat, to comedic results. However, […]

Room_02 September 24

The Burden of Anticipation

“It would have been appreciated a lot more had it not won the Palme d’Or” is a phrase I found my saying a lot when talking about Jacques Audiard’s Dheepan at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last week. Audiard’s film works well for the small character study it is, unfortunately many people I spoke […]

The Witch September 21

TIFF 2015: The Witch

Set in 17th-century New England, Robert Eggers’ The Witch tells the haunting tale of a family who is exiled from their village and forced to live on the outskirts of a dense forest. When William (Ralph Ineson) refuses to acknowledge the rules of the town, specifically the words of those who he considers false prophets, […]

Hurt_01 September 21

TIFF 2015: Hurt

Is life easier if you have a predefined path to follow? This is the central question that Alan Zweig’s remarkable film Hurt attempts to answer. The documentary profiles Steve Fonyo, once considered a Canadian hero, but whose fall from grace is just as meteoric as his rise. Gaining fame for raising millions for cancer research […]

Love September 21

TIFF 2015: Love

Can there be too much sex in a film primarily about love and sex? That was the question I struggled with the most while watching Love, the latest work from French provocateur Gaspar Noé. Daring, uncomfortable and surprisingly sweet, all the things considered of course, Love is meant to offer an honest and sentimental take […]

CUCKOLD_01 September 21

TIFF 2015: Cuckold

Smanga (Charlie Vundla) has hit a low point in his life. His wife Laura (Terry Pheto) has left him for another man and he has lost his job at a prestigious South African university, where he was the first black professor, due to his alcoholism. Spending his days drinking and smoking his homegrown weed, Smanga […]

Victoria_03 September 21

TIFF 2015: Victoria

There is a heart-pounding moment in Victoria where Victoria (Laia Costa) and her new friend Sonne (Frederick Lau) find themselves trapped in an apartment complex surrounded by police. The camera follows the panicked pair as they proceed to force their way into one of the residences unaware that the tenant’s wife and newborn baby are […]

Chevalier_02 September 20

TIFF 2015: Chevalier

In Athina Rachel Tsangari’s wonderfully pointed absurdist comedy Chevalier, a leisurely fishing trip severs as the setting for the deconstruction of the male ego. When the harmless banter between six Greek men on a yacht gets a bit too personal, the men decide to take part in a game, “Chevalier,” in which one of them […]

Black September 20

TIFF 2015: Black

For those wondering what a version of Romeo and Juliet would be like if it was filled with all Tybalts and no Mercutios look no further than Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s Black. A film that strives to offer City of God styled gritty social commentary, but ultimately comes up short. Set in the […]

Guilty September 20

TIFF 2015: Guilty

Based on the infamous double murder case that rocked Noida, India in 2008, Meghna Gulzar’s Guilty is a searing commentary on a legal system that ultimately let down those it was designed to help. When Central Bureau of Investigation detective Ashwin Kumar (Irrfan Khan, who brings the right level of cockiness and compassion to the […]

Anomalisa_02 September 20

TIFF 2015: Anomalisa

When motivational speaker Michael Stone (David Thewlis) declares “it’s boring, everyone is boring,” he is referring to the bland life he has found himself living. He is searching for something unique, that thing that rises above the curse of conformity that everyone around him seems to be inflicted with. While Michael is drowning in a […]

Five Nights in Maine September 19

TIFF 2015: Five Nights in Maine

“Parenthood brings out the best and worst in people” the cankerous Lucinda (Diane Wiest) tells Sherwin (David Oyelowo), the son-in-law she hardly knows. What she neglects to mention is that grief does as well. However, this is something that both Lucinda and Sherwin must find out for themselves. Unfortunately, the journey to such a discovery […]

The Devil's Candy September 19

TIFF 2015: The Devil’s Candy

Back in 2009, director Sean Byrne stunned festival audiences with his dark and thrilling horror film The Loved Ones. After a brief absence, Byrne is back without losing a single step. Once again proving that he destined to have a bright future as a filmmaker, his latest tension filled work, The Devil’s Candy, is both […]

Love_01 September 19

Talking TIFF on The Matineecast

As is to be expected, the 2015 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been a whirlwind of diverse films, long lines and great film discussions. All of this on very little food or sleep of course, but that is the nature of the festival experience. Recently I had a chance to take […]


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