After Dark - Predestination October 01

Toronto After Dark Unveils 2014 Roster

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival officially unveiled its exciting selection of films for its 9th annual edition. Included in the lineup are some of the hottest new genre feature films and shorts from the international film festival circuit. All of the features will have their Toronto, Canadian, North American or World Theatrical Premieres at […]

Platoon September 30

Talking 1986 Oscars on The Dew Over

In 1986 Platoon nabbed four Academy Awards including the illustrious award for Best Picture. Was Oliver Stone’s take on the Vietnam War worthy of the top prize? Or did one of the other four Best Picture nominees deserve it more? I make my return on the great Academy Awards loving podcast The Dew Over to […]

Almodovar-Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown September 29

The Auteurs: Pedro Almodóvar (Part 1)

Pedro Almodóvar is one of the well-regarded filmmakers to emerge from the post-Franco Fascist-era of Spain. He is one of the towering figures in international cinema for the way he redefines how gender and sexuality are depicted on-screen. Almodóvar routinely brings a unique sense of style to his lavish stories of female empowerment. Though his […]

RA14-Manny September 26

Reel Asian Shares Sneak Peek of Titles

The Reel Asian International Film Festival is less than two months away, but that does not mean we cannot start the countdown now! Running from November 6-16, 2014 in Toronto & Richmond Hill, Reel Asian has consistently presented a strong lineup of films over the years. To get us excited for the 18th edition of […]

Midnight Son 2 September 25

Shorts Spotlight: Midnight Son

Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo stars in this film about a marriage of quiet desperation. Midnight Son revolves around a mild-mannered professor, Edward (Jack Mulcahy), as he leaves his wife, Rita (Leo), one night to meet a stranger from an Internet chat room. It is only during his journey that we begin to discover the […]

Real Talk September 24

Shorts Spotlight: Real Talk

I first encountered Real Talk when it screened at the Reel Asian International Film Festival back in 2012. A hit on the festival circuit, Real Talk is an engaging short film that explores one young man’s struggle against Asian stereotypes. The story follows best friends Pax (SK Wong) and Iggy (J. Mal McCree) as their […]

A Walk Among the Tombstones September 23

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Liam Neeson was not the face I envisioned when I cracked open my first Matthew Scudder detective novel back in high school. I even had a moments pause when viewing the trailer for A Walk Among the Tombstones as the marketing was clearly trying to capitalize on the success of Taken. So it is understandable […]

TYS-Rogue September 22

Toronto Youth Shorts 2014 Sneak Peek

Returning for its sixth season, the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival continues to be one of the premier outlets for young local filmmakers to showcase their talents. Featuring thirty-six short films in three distinct programmes, that cover themes from discovery to the bonds that bind us, there are plenty of choices to satisfy even the […]

The Keeping Room September 21

TIFF 2014: The Keeping Room

War is cruel. The depth of its cruelty is hard to fathom, especially since it is often the innocent who suffer the most. While most films about the American Civil War have focused on its impact from a male point of view, Daniel Barber’s latest film takes a distinctly feminist perspective. His film paints a […]

TIFF-Cruel Story of Youth-2 September 21

TIFF 2014: Cruel Story of Youth

There was a collective and audible “waaa” as the words “the end” abruptly closed the book on Nagisa Ôshima story of youthful rebellion. It was clear that, like most of the film, the audience was not prepared for such a finale. Truth be told, it is hard to be prepared for the depth of cruelty […]

TIFF-Pasolini September 20

TIFF 2014: Pasolini

Willem Dafoe embodies the mannerisms of the legendary Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini so effortlessly that it is easy to forget that he is putting on a performance. Dafoe carries a swagger that not only matches Pasolini’s spirit, but also that of director Abel Ferrara. In many ways it is fitting that a filmmaker like […]

TIFF Labyrinth of Lies September 19

TIFF 2014: Labyrinth of Lies

In the constant search for groundbreaking cinema, it is easy to forget that sometimes a story works best in a classic setting. Take the auspicious Labyrinth of Lies for example. Giulio Ricciarelli’s feature-film debut crackles in a way that only an old-fashioned procedural can. In the crowded field of World War II related dramas, which […]


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