Five Nights in Maine August 26

TIFF Unveils Discovery Titles

The Toronto International Film Festival® announced yesterday its Discovery programme showcasing 30 outstanding and absorbing feature films, including 16 World Premieres, by first and second time directors from Canada and across the globe. “Discovery is the place where Festival audiences will find the future of filmmaking,” said Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of the Toronto International […]

Queen of Earth August 25

Queen of Earth

If Alex Ross Perry’s Queen of Earth has a cornerstone, a centerpiece, a central scene that sums up its entire experience, it’s one that comes about fifteen minutes before the end of the film. Protagonist Catherine (Elisabeth Moss), fresh off her father’s suicide and longtime boyfriend James’s (Kentucker Audley) betrayal, has joined her friend Virginia (Katherine […]

rififi 1 August 24

Blind Spot: Rififi

It is a testament to Jules Dassin’s direction that Rififi can still knock one’s socks off. In an era where the tropes of the heist genre are being repurposed for everything from Marvel films to spy thrillers, the fact that this film still feels innovative speaks to the brilliance of its construction. While most modern […]

mistress america August 21

Mistress America

One of the charming aspects of Mistress America is that, being a film all about identity, it knows exactly what it is. The film finds strength and compassion within its characters foibles, while never letting them off the hook for their missteps. The brisk banter and breezy pacing harkens back to the early years of […]

Northern Soul August 19

TIFF Looks to London in City to City Programme

Kill Your Friends The 40th Toronto International Film Festival® shines its spotlight on eight bold features from the city of London, England for the seventh edition of the City to City programme. The lineup showcases adventurous new works by contemporary directors living and working in the global city, and will expose audiences to the fearless […]

Barbados August 19

TIFF’s Short Cuts Lineup is an International Celebration

The Toronto International Film Festival® has announced the lineup for the Short Cuts programme. Thirty-eight international shorts join the previously announced Canadian shorts, which will screen in 11 curated programmes. The compelling lineup encompasses works from filmmakers representing an impressive 35 countries. From provocative narratives to compelling animation, from insightful dramas to profoundly moving documentaries, […]

Last Cab to Darwin August 18

TIFF Announces Film Screening in Contemporary World Cinema Programme

A diverse and fascinating selection of 60 films from countries across the globe were announced today in the Toronto International Film Festival’s Contemporary World Cinema programme. Spotlighting work from some of the world’s finest international filmmakers, the lineup delivers an array of compelling films for Festival audiences to savour, journeying through unique and universal stories […]

ataleofloveanddarkness August 18

TIFF Adds to Galas and Special Presentation Lineups

The Toronto International Film Festival® adds 5 Galas and 19 Special Presentations to its highly anticipated international lineup including the Closing Night Film, Paco Cabezas’s Mr. Right. Toronto audiences will be among the first to screen films by directors Rob Reiner, Catherine Hardwicke, Pan Nalin, Lorene Scafaria, David Gordon Green, Matthew Cullen, Gaby Dellal, James […]

Fort_Tilden August 17

Fort Tilden

Harper (Bridey Elliott) and Allie (Clare McNulty) are the quintessential examples of everything that is wrong with post-grad millennials. Self-absorbed and living in a spacious condo no doubt paid for by their rich parents, their version of hardship is not being able to find a place that serves decent coffee. They are the type of […]

Mission Impossible - Tom Cruise August 15

Talking Mission: Impossible Franchise on the Lambcast

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to listen to the latest episode of the Lambcast podcast. On this edition, I join the panel to discuss all five films in the Mission: Impossible franchise. During the show we not only touch on the themes within each film, but also the how each director […]

Heroes Reborn August 14

Television Shines in TIFF’s New Primetime Lineup

Keith Richards: Under the Influence Six high-quality television programs from around the globe comprise the inaugural lineup for Primetime, a new programme launching at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival®. The section presents the best in international television on the big screen, channeling the powerful, small-screen serial storytelling coming from broadcasters, streaming services and independent […]

Neon Bull August 13

TIFF Announces Inaugural Platform Lineup

The Toronto International Film Festival® revealed the inaugural lineup for Platform, the new juried programme that champions director’s cinema from around the world. “We created this new programme as a way to sharpen our focus on artistically ambitious cinema in our 40th year and we are thrilled to be able to put the spotlight on […]

Guidance August 13


Drowning his sorrows in a self-medicated alcoholic fog, former child star David Gold (Pat Mills, who also wrote and directed the film) is in a tailspin that he cannot seem to pull out of. Being unemployed, perpetually late on his rent and recently diagnosed with skin cancer has done little to provide any light at […]

Paris Texas August 12

Blind Spot: Paris, Texas

One would think that winning the Palme D’Or and sitting at a perfect 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes would afford a film a certain amount of swagger. The strange thing is that, despite its critical acclaim, Wim Wenders’ riveting tale Paris, Texas still feels woefully underappreciated. Outside of hardcore cinephiles and Criterion collection disciples, […]

Men and Chicken August 11

TIFF Unleashes Masters, Vanguard, Midnight Madness, Documentary and Cinematheque Titles

The Toronto International Film Festival® today announced the selections for the Masters, Vanguard, Midnight Madness, Documentary, and Cinematheque programmes. This year’s lineup features the latest bold, exciting and moving works from Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Wim Wenders, Jafar Panahi, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Hong Sang-soo, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Álex de la Iglesia; Gaspar Noé, Sean Byrne, Takashi Miike, Frederick Wiseman, […]

Two Days, One Night August 10

Netflix Pick: Two Days, One Night

Election campaigning is in full swing, pundits are putting their nightly spin on the politics of the day, and a man named Trump is saying whatever he wants. While political junkies on both sides of the border are soaking in every second of the daily poll results, a different type of campaign is worthy of […]

Normal Doors August 07

Shorts Spotlight: Normal Doors

In a summer where explosions and outlandish action films are a weekly staple, there is something wonderfully refreshing about coming across a film that still values a sharply written script. Take James Sweeney’s hilarious short Normal Doors for example, a film where simple conversation evokes a vibrant portrait of the characters who reside within it. […]

DEAR JOHN August 06

The Nominee: Richard Jenkins

I’ve been moved by the performances of Richard Jenkins.  There’s something so honest and real about the man.  His acting is so natural and effortless that you don’t see the acting. He’s the Everyman able to portray any character with complete believability.  With over 70 films to his credit, Jenkins has portrayed everything from a gay FBI agent, to […]

Rock the Box August 05

TIFF Announces Canadian Short Films Screening at Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival® unveiled a slate of 44 world-class homegrown short films packed with strong emerging voices and uniquely Canadian perspectives. Boasting a lineup as diverse in themes and cultures as the country itself, this year’s roster is highlighted by a record number of Canadian works in the Wavelengths programme. From smart satire […]

Born to Be Blue August 05

TIFF Reveals Powerful Canadian Lineup

Into the Forest The Toronto International Film Festival® revealed a lineup of bold Canadian works by filmmakers including Patricia Rozema, André Turpin, Anne Émond, Kazik Radwanski and Guy Édoin, documentarians Mina Shum and Avi Lewis, trailblazers Bruce McDonald, Guy Maddin and Philippe Falardeau, promising new work from Andrew Cividino, Adam Garnet Jones and Stephen Dunn, […]


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