Vessel April 24

Hot Docs Review: Vessel

Fresh off of its debut at SXSW Film Festival, where it won both the audience award for documentary and a special jury citation for “political courage”, Vessel is an electrifying look at Dr. Rebecca Gomperts’ activist group Women on Waves. Founded in 1999, Women on Waves is an organization that aims to offer safe abortions […]

Unkraine is not a brothel April 24

Hot Docs Review: Ukraine is Not a Brothel

Dripping with confidence and visual flare, Kitty Green’s debut film Ukraine is Not a Brothel is as bold as its subject matter. The film aims to shed a light on FEMEN, a Ukrainian feminist activist organization most famously known for their topless protests. Outraged by the fact that the world at large think of Ukrainian […]

112 Weddings April 24

Hot Docs Review: 112 Weddings

Very few romantic comedies ever show what happens after the wedding. Filmmaker Doug Block has taken his 20+ years of wedding videography and decided to go back and figure out what makes a good marriage, not just a good wedding. He asks several of the couples he worked with to discuss how their lives have […]

Braingasm April 23

Kickstart This: Braingasm

As our Hot Docs coverage kicks off tomorrow, I thought I would take a moment to highlight a documentary that could use your support. For the past year my friend Lindsay Ragone has been working on an intriguing documentary called Braingasm. It explores the growing phenomenon of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos and the […]

The Dew Over April 23

Talking 1996 Oscars on The Dew Over Podcast

The Dew Over is a weekly podcast that aims to right the wrongs in movie and pop culture history. Host Jamie Dew has assembled a revolving panel of film lovers to talk about all things Oscars! Randomly tackling a given year, the panelists discuss their thoughts on the best picture nominees and try to determine […]

Writers Block April 21

Shorts Spotlight: Writers’ Block

Produced by WÖNKY Films, Writers’ Block is an animated short that explores the power of the written word in an inventive way. Set in a prison for criminally poor writers, the story revolves around a group of cons who get their hands on a script about their lives. Hoping to escape jail by altering the […]


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