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March 01

Galaxy of Horrors

Little Terrors Short Film Festival is a monthly showcase of shorts started in 2011 by CEO of Unstable Grounds Productions Justin McConnell, who is also a Toronto-based producer-director-editor extraordinaire. Co-presented with Rue Morgue Magazine, it’s a time to celebrate short films that pack punch, and many a horror fan is often hungry for these bit-sized […]

February 10

Blood Dynasty

Chris Alexander has added another chapter in the ghoulish book of Irina, his ethereal but lethal vampire. Her first appearance was in Blood for Irina (2012) as she nears the end of her life, then Queen of Blood (2014) a western where she is reborn. She returns once again in Blood Dynasty (2017), picking up […]

December 05


With a Toronto premier during the 2016 Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Antibirth caused quite a stir, not only because Natasha Lyonne’s attendance at the After Dark screening, but for the psychedelic film experience. Lou (Lyonne) is a rough and tumble party girl, with a permanent all-access pass to the closest after-hours, a bong permanently […]

November 08

Reel Asian 2016: Seoul Station

Before his first live-action film Train to Busan, Yeon Sang-ho’s created Seoul Station, an animated, chaos-ridden zombie caper and prequel to the smash hit film of zombies on a train. In Seoul Station, parallel storylines take us on a treacherous journey. Passersby ignore an injured man when they realize he lives on the street, and […]

October 25

TADFF 2016: The Void

Astron-6 has been a fixture in the festival circuit for many years now, starting with the over-the-top Father’s Day and Manborg to the giallo inspired horror comedy The Editor. Always full of laughs and outrageous comedy, two of the Astron-6 team, Steve Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie venture into a more traditional horror vein with the […]

October 23

ImagineNATIVE 2016: The Northlander

Combining mysticism and First Nations people seems like a natural way to convey a culture. Add a speculative science fiction element to it and you have Benjamin Ross Hayden’s The Northlander. Set in 2961, a mysterious hunter with a reputation for his fierce nature, Cygnus (Corey Sevier), must help his people by defeating a blood […]

October 23

ImagineNATIVE 2016: Remains, Human

Jessica (Mallory James) and Cody (Trevor Mutual) have arranged an exclusive interview with Victor Merrick (Ryan Black). He claims to know why people have been disappearing off the streets of Winnipeg, and has reluctantly given Channel 7 news the scoop. Merrick reveals that the streets run rampant with monsters, and that they come from a […]

October 21

ImagineNATIVE 2016: Killormut (Upside Down)

What do you do when your car crashes and flips on a dark, snowy road in the middle of nowhere? That’s where our main character finds himself. Deep in thought, this everyman (Miké Philip Fencker Thomsen) is clearly angered and upset by a busy dial tone, a question mark for the audience as we hear […]

October 20

TADFF 2016: The Master Cleanse

Self-help and self-improvement will always be an option for those who have recently suffered some sort of change or loss. In The Master Cleanse, the internal baggage of bad mojo from a past emotional trauma comes out in a different way. Paul Berger (Johnny Galecki) has lost his job and fiancée. He’s really sad, kind […]

October 19

ImagineNATIVE 2016: AKOÓ (Watch Out!)

The Caribou Leg Woman is a spirit known to the Dene tribe of First Nations people who has the legs of a caribou and power over our most basic urges. Her story is (from what I have gathered) similar to the Deer Woman, a fairy-type spirit who, among other things, polices the romantic lives of […]

October 18

TADFF 2016: Creepy

Securing his place in Japanese horror history with Pulse and Cure, Kiyoshi Kurosawa takes us to the next level of uneasiness in his psychological horror Creepy. Takakura (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is a detective turned criminal psychology professor after the trauma of his last encounter with a criminal left him injured. His quieter lifestyle brings him to […]

October 17

TADFF 2016: Kill Command

From vacuuming rooms to building cars to performing surgery, robotic technology is fast becoming a part of everyday life. Robots are also fair game in the sci-fi realm, with many films asking “What if?” when it comes to artificial intelligence. In Steven Gomez’s Kill Command, the military gets their turn with the robots gone wrong […]

October 15

TADFF 2016: Let Her Out

The folks at Black Fawn Films have consistently brought us great Canadian horror with Bite, The Door, and Bed of the Dead, which is also screening at TADFF this year. They delve into more gore with the visually enticing Let Her Out. Helen (Alanna LeVierge) is a lost soul. Her mother, a prostitute at a […]

October 13

TADFF 2016: Bed of the Dead

Inanimate objects have always been fodder for horror and applying the supernatural to them is great way to make us fear the mundane. Haunted cars, dolls and mirrors have been examples of this, and now the Black Fawn Films gang has brought us another household item that strikes fear in the hearts of those seeking […]

August 02

Lights Out

Imagine turning your lights out only to discover a phantom silhouette shifting with menace in the darkness. When you turn them on to make sure what you see is real, the silhouette disappears. This is the premise of a 3 minute short created by David. F. Sandberg in 2013. The short film entitled Lights Out […]

July 21

Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite

Russian director Svyatoslav Podgayesvskiy takes the urban legend horror trope and gives it a slick but gothic edge in Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite. Four teens recount a scary story of the Queen of Spades, a local urban legend that still gives people the willies. They tell of boy around their age who summoned […]

July 20

Fantasia 2016: Bed of the Dead

Inanimate objects have always been fodder for horror and applying the supernatural to them is great way to make us fear the mundane. Haunted cars, dolls and mirrors have been examples of this, and now the Black Fawn Films gang has brought us another household item that strikes fear in the hearts of those seeking […]

July 19

Fantasia 2016: The Unseen

The story of The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells is classic science fiction that has often been adapted for radio, film and stage. Now director Geoff Redknap throws his hat into the ring with The Unseen, a modern take on the tale that focuses on a man, his mistakes and his legacy. Bob Langmore […]

June 15

The Conjuring 2

After the surprise success of The Conjuring, which recounts true events of a possession investigated by famed paranormal duo Ed and Lorraine Warren, director James Wan’s is back to give fans the follow-up they had hoped for. The Conjuring 2 takes the Warrens to England to debunk The Enfield Haunting, one of the most reported […]

May 04

Hot Docs 2016: Fear Itself

We all experience fear and are often frightened of different things; unconsciously allowing it to shape how we go about our lives. Fear Itself, a visual essay by Charlie Lyne, attempts to aid one narrator’s journey into her own subconscious, as she tries to decipher what makes her afraid and why, by illustrating it through […]