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January 29

80’s Library: The Great Outdoors

Waking up to frigid temperatures of minus 15-degrees has made me long for summer.  As I drive to work in darkness with gloves on my hands and a scarf around my neck, I think about warm breezes, sunshine and sandals.  I think about summertime and the great outdoors.  The Great Outdoors!  The classic 80`s movie […]

November 21

80’s Library: Mannequin

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post for my beloved feature, 80’s Library.  I was inspired by an 80’s film I happened to see on TV recently: Mannequin.  It’s a silly film about a mannequin who comes to life, but it’s so darn entertaining that I can’t help but enjoy […]

June 10

80’s Library: Child’s Play

Every holiday season, I cannot shake observing the perils of mass consumerism. The television commercials alone seriously make me question why I even continue to watch live network television in the age of digital streaming. The craftiness of the advertisements has gotten some of us thirsting for the latest electronic device under the Christmas tree […]

August 27

8o’s Library: Gymkata

Gymkata is one of those films that demands communal viewing. When one comes across a film whose centrepiece action sequences involves a pommel horse, which just happens to be in the middle of a rural village, you do not keep it to oneself. It is a film whose charms are not in what it does […]

December 21

80’s Library: Scrooged

I know a lot of people who prefer the classic holiday film A Christmas Carol over the 1988 modernization of the Charles Dickens’ story, but I have to say that I rather enjoy Scrooged. Bill Murray is perfectly cast as a cynical, selfish TV executive named Frank Cross (aka Ebenezer Scrooge.) He’s cut himself off […]

November 19

80’s Library: Friday the 13th

Over the weekend, I came across the original film in the Friday the 13th movie series, and I’ve got to say, it still holds up quite well. The first film in the series isn’t the bloody gore fest that its sequels became. It’s simpler in its scare tactics and depiction of murder largely due to […]

September 26

80’s Library: Weird Science

Not being a teenage boy, I didn’t understand the appeal of making the perfect woman, but I certainly enjoyed watching a film about it! I just love the film Weird Science. Its premise is completely outlandish, but it is carried off with so much humour and bizarre entertainment that it works on every level. John […]

August 08

80’s Library: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

One of the earliest movie memories I have is of watching E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It’s also the first movie I ever owned. It reminds me so much of my childhood and I credit it with sparking in me a love for movies that has never waned. The movie is simply one of a kind. It’s […]

July 10

80’s Library: Fatal Attraction

I vividly recall my mom covering my eyes during the sex scenes when I first watched this movie at 13-years-old. She didn’t want me to watch the film at all, but I insisted on watching what the grown-ups were seeing. Other scenes in the film were far more adult and disturbing, like a suicide attempt, […]

June 12

80’s Library: The Lost Boys

Before Twilight, there was The Lost Boys. Before Bella, Edward and Jacob, there were brothers Michael and Sam, their mother Lucy, their eccentric grandfather, the Frog Brothers and a bunch of teenage vampires. This cool, hip and funny film has a wickedly good cast including a young Keifer Sutherland and the two Coreys – Corey […]

May 08

80’s Library: Commando

There’s something to be said for movies that are so bad, they’re good. They’re often cheesy, campy, implausible, outlandish and full of obvious fake effects, stunt work and bad acting, and that’s what makes them so good! They’re pure, mindless entertainment. Commando is one of the best good bad movies. First released 27 years ago, […]

April 04

80’s Library: Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting was one of my favourite movies as a pre-teen. I recorded it on VHS and watched it again and again. Even with all of the chaos and misfortune that befell the babysitter, I remember wishing that I was a few years older so that I could babysit. I was hooked from the […]

March 11

80’s Library: Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters will forever be one of my all-time favourite movies. I remember being addicted to the cartoon when I was a kid too.There was something so entertaining and fun about a group of guys chasing ghosts and I think it was because none of it was the least bit scary.It was all campy, silly, amusing […]

February 19

80’s Library: Disorderlies

If you’ve checked out my brief bio and read my blog posts, then you’ll have noticed that I’ve got a soft spot for 80s movies.I thought what better way to honour the movies I love than with a regular monthly feature dedicated to a different 80s film each month.So here goes…let’s begin with Disorderlies. The […]