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July 20

Fantasia 2016: Bed of the Dead

Inanimate objects have always been fodder for horror and applying the supernatural to them is great way to make us fear the mundane. Haunted cars, dolls and mirrors have been examples of this, and now the Black Fawn Films gang has brought us another household item that strikes fear in the hearts of those seeking […]

July 19

Fantasia 2016: The Unseen

The story of The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells is classic science fiction that has often been adapted for radio, film and stage. Now director Geoff Redknap throws his hat into the ring with The Unseen, a modern take on the tale that focuses on a man, his mistakes and his legacy. Bob Langmore […]

July 28

Fantasia 2015: The Demolisher

The Demolisher sets a startling tone from its haunting opening moments. A female officer, Samantha (Tianna Nori), is paralyzed by cult members while attempting to stop a ritualistic sacrifice. Unable to part with his obsession of what happened to his now wheelchair bound wife, Samantha’s husband Bruce (Ry Barrett), a cable repairman, takes it upon […]

July 27

Fantasia 2015: Cash Only

Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli, who also wrote the script) is on a really bad streak. He’s behind on his mortgage for the rental apartment he owns and the bank wants to foreclose. The majority of his tenants are behind on their rent and the ones who pay on time are constantly nagging him to fix […]

July 23

Fantasia 2015: Ludo

In Kolkata, it is nearly impossible for teens like Ria (Subolina Sen) to have a little privacy. Her parents constantly check her phone, force her to dress conservatively, and threaten potential suitors. Living under such strict confines, it is understandable that Ria and her pals – her best friend Payal (Ananya Biswas), Payal’s boyfriend Babai […]

July 20

Fantasia 2015: Therapy for a Vampire

The recent resurgence of vampire themed comedies was ignited with last year’s festival circuit smash What We do in the Shadows, and continues this year with David Rühm’s strong Austrian entry Therapy for a Vampire. Rühm’s film focuses on the Count Geza von Közsnöm (Tobias Moretti), a vampire who no longer loves his wife and […]

July 19

Fantasia 2015: Bridgend

A grey dreary atmosphere hovers above the town of Bridgend thanks in part to the high number of teen suicides that the region is experiencing. Unaware of the mysterious deaths occurring, Sara (Hannah Murray) embarks on her new life in the quaint town with her dad (Steven Waddington), a widowed police detective, and her horse […]

July 18

Fantasia 2015: Miss Hokusai

Haniko Sugiura was a famed Japanese manga artist whose work often focused on the Edo period in Japan’s history. A time when fighting amongst the different warrior factions eased, and the merchant class came to the forefront of Japanese society. The shift from years of warfare to more economical ventures led the inhabitants of Edo […]