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June 04

Inside Out 2016: Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

In the northeastern Canadian territory of Nunavut, homosexuality is a contentious subject. In fact, Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things essentially goes right down the list of homosexual persecution that we have seen, and continue to see, throughout the world. LGBTQ people in Nunavut either keep their sexual orientation secret, leave, or commit suicide. The […]

June 03

Inside Out 2016: Girls Lost

After drinking from a mysterious (and apparently magical) plant, three bullied adolescent girls are transformed into boys. First let me address my-and possibly your-initial concern. Writer-director Alexandra-Therese Keining thankfully has no interest in broad comedy and doesn’t waste even a moment of precious screen time with it. No dick jokes or double entendres here. Keining […]

June 02

Inside Out 2016: I Promise You Anarchy (Te Prometo Anarquia)

I Promise You Anarchy (Te Prometo Anarquia) meanders through the seamy underbelly of Mexico City with the feel of a modern crime drama coupled with gay romance and skateboarding. Miguel (Diego Calva Hernández), the main protagonist, wears a necklace looped through plastic vampire teeth which signifies both his exploitative nature and uncontrollable hunger for sex. […]

June 01

Inside Out 2016: I Love You Both

Krystal and Donny are super twins and super friends. They live together, they hang out together, and they even date the same guy. Wait – what? Only in 2016? Even in 2016? Somehow they’ve met this supercool dude named Andy (Lucas Neff), and he’s everything either of them could hope for. He’s interesting and charming. […]

May 31

Inside Out 2016: Hurricane Bianca

Continuing the long cinematic tradition of men dressing in drag to better advance their personal situation, Hurricane Bianca travels down a very familiar path. All the tropes of one would expect from this type of film are on display, right down to the seemingly straight man who is inexplicably unable to see that the woman […]

May 30

Inside Out 2016: The Slippers

I love this movie! I love this movie! I love this movie! How many words is that? Damn. Okay, I’ll elaborate. For anyone who really loves movies- American movies in particular- it’s easy to be almost immediately won over by this documentary about Hollywood nostalgia. Specifically, the legacy of Victor Fleming’s Wizard of Oz and- […]

May 30

Inside Out 2016: Strike A Pose

In 1990, an ad went out for FIERCE male dancers; 7 men were picked from obscurity and within months were surfing the zenith of fame alongside Madonna in her Blonde Ambition tour and Truth or Dare documentary. All but one were gay, and Madonna, having recently lost friends to AIDS, was outspoken about gay rights […]

May 29

Inside Out 2016: Downriver

Charged with sexual energy and buried truths, Grant Scicluna’s Downriver merges the classic slow revelation of a film noir with a rural Australian setting. The narrative focuses around James Levy (Reef Ireland), who is visited by the mother of Chris, a boy he was convicted of drowning in a river years ago. The body was […]

May 29

Inside Out 2016: Jonathan

This German film by writer-director Piotr Lewandowski is beautifully shot with lush cinematography; you won’t believe it’s his first feature. The theme is surprisingly mature as well. Jonathan (Jannis Niewöhner) is stuck at home working on the farm and caring for his dying father (André Hennicke). The relationship is strained. There are whiffs of resentment. […]

May 28

Inside Out 2016: Uncle Howard

Howard Brookner never got the chance to see his first big budget film shine on the big screen. After having two documentaries under his belt, including the award-winning documentary about William Burroughs entitled Burroughs: The Movie, Howard was working with the likes of Matt Dillion and Madonna before he died of AIDS in 1989. Though […]

May 28

Inside Out 2016: Alena

Being a teenager at a new school can be tough, in Alena’s (Amalia Holm) case it is downright awful. Forced to change schools after a traumatic incident, she immediately finds herself being bullied by Filippa (Molly Nutley), the most popular girl at school. The star of the lacrosse team, Filippa does not like the idea […]

May 27

Inside Out 2016: The Nest (O Ninho)

Bruno (Nicolas Vargas), still wearing his military uniform when checking in at a Porto Alegre inn, comes across as a typically polite soldier at first. We soon see that the seemingly disciplined and obedient young man is preoccupied though; and that his mission in this city in the south of Brazil is personal. While searching […]

May 26

Inside Out 2016: Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

In the last half of the 1990s, San Antonio held a modern-day Witch Trial of four lesbian women. Friends Anna Vasquez, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh and Cassandra Rivera, often referred to as, “The San Antonio Four” found themselves accused of gang-raping Vasquez’s two young nieces. Southwest of Salem uses home video, local news footage, and […]

May 25

Inside Out 2016: Suicide Kale

Moral dilemma: one couple hosts another for a pleasant, mostly-vegan dinner party, and a little light snooping on the part of the guests turns up a suicide note. What to do, what to do? Obviously the visitors, Penn (Lindsay Hicks) and Jasmine (Brittani Nichols), themselves a newish couple, are concerned for their friends, who up […]

May 24

Inside Out 2016: The Same Difference

In her eye-opening debut film, Nneka Onuorah examines a form of prejudice that is rarely discussed in mainstream media. While it is common to think of homophobia as simply a straight versus gay issue, The Same Difference shows that discrimination can also be found within the African-American lesbian community. Exploring four of the unwritten rules, […]