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February 14

TBFF 2018: Boost

Darren Curtis’ solo directorial debut Boost is a thrilling piece of cinema from beginning to end. Crackling with energy and tension, the film weaves a stunning and intricate tableau of friendship, youth and crime. Underneath bubbles a subtle, but thoroughly effective, commentary on the immigrant experience in Canada. Hakeem (Nabil Rajo) and his best friend […]

February 12

Talking Toronto Black Film Festival & Boost on Frameline

On the latest episode of Frameline we highlight a few of the films playing at this year’s Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF). Running from February 14th to 19th, the festival showcases unique voices in cinema that promote the reality of the black experience across the globe. One of the films playing the festival is Darren […]

February 20

Politics, Love, and Music at TBFF17

In its fifth year, the Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF) has established a stable foundation for future generations to build on. Smartly taking place during Black History month, the festival not only strives to showcase stories and filmmakers that highlight the black experience in cinema, but also helps to facilitate professional growth for those looking […]

February 13

Kiara C. Jones Talks Romantic Comedies, Diversity in Hollywood, and Why This Critic Got it Wrong.

There are certain things that are a given when conveying ones thoughts on film in a public sphere. The most common one being that not everyone will agree with your view. Being able to take what you dish out comes with the territory. So it was not a surprise to see an email from director/producer/writer […]

February 08

TBFF16: Wes

Wes Hall may not be a household name, but he should be. Raised primarily by his grandmother in a rundown shack in Jamaica, Hall overcame many adversities to become one of the most influential business men in Canada. His meteoric rise from the mailroom to the boardroom, where he sits as the CEO of Kingsdale […]

February 07

TBFF16: Ayanda and the Mechanics

Many of the great universal truths revolve around family or grieving. Often it is a combination of the two. It doesn’t matter what kind of parent you have, your relationship with them doesn’t end with death. They stay with us via the ideal vision of them formulated by our memories once they have passed. This […]

February 06

TBFF16: Jimmy Goes to Nollywood

Situated just behind Bollywood in the ranking of the cinema’s most prolific content providers, Nollywood has surprisingly flown under the radar compared to its Indian counterpart. Intrigued by how such an industry, which pumps out films at a higher volume than Hollywood, can amass a dedicated international following, Jimmy Goes to Nollywood attempts to uncover […]

February 06

TBFF16: Christmas Wedding Baby

Christmas Wedding Baby, the feature film debut by Kiara Jones, follows a trio of sisters whose lives are all in various states of flux. Andrea (Kimberley Drummond), the baby of the family, who serves as the glue for the story, returns back home to North Florida for her upcoming Christmas wedding. Though she is marrying […]

February 05

TBFF16: The Girl is in Trouble

Julius Onah’s debut feature film, The Girl is in Trouble, marches down a familiar path, but clearly moves to its own energetic beat. The protagonist, August (Columbus Short), sells the film early on as a tale of chance and fate, but it is also about the choices people make. Choices that have ramifications one cannot […]

February 05

TBFF16: Dry

Dry, the latest directorial work from noted Nollywood actress Stéphanie Linus, aims to shed some light on a serious condition, obstetric fistula, impacting many women in Africa. Using her film as a call to action, Linus’ drama follows two individuals, from seemingly different worlds, whose lives intersect in an expected way. Zara (played by Linus) […]

February 04

TBFF16: Game Face

The biggest hurdle for the athletes at the heart of Michiel Thomas’ wonderful documentary Game Face is not the opponents they face in competition, but rather the weight of their own conscious. So desperate to live the life they deserve, including being treated like a normal person and not an “other,” they have tried to […]

January 28

Alfre Woodard to be honoured at Toronto Black Film Festival

Award-winning actor Alfre Woodard (12 Years A Slave, Passion Fish, Luke Cage) will receive the 2016 Toronto Black Film Festival‘s inaugural Career Achievement Award on Saturday, February 13, 2016, 9PM at Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario (317 Dundas Street W.). The Toronto Black Film Festival (#TBFF16), created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation and presented […]

January 20

4th Annual Toronto Black Film Festival Reveals Robust Slate

Thina Sobabili (The Two of Us) The Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF), announced today the programming line-up for the 4th edition of the festival, presented by Global News in collaboration with TD Bank, running February 10-14. Coinciding with Black History Month, the TBFF is proud to host another year celebrating diversity within the black communities […]

February 15

TBFF 2015: Sound of Torture

Meron Estefanos sits at a sparse desk in her home in Sweden conducting her Voices of Eritreans radio show. The Eritrean ex-pat is speaking with a caller over the phone whose been kidnapped in the Sinai Desert. The woman’s Bedouin captors torture her on air hoping that the screams of pain will encourage her relatives, […]

February 15

TBFF 2015: The Supreme Price

After an extended absence, Hafsat Abiola finally returns to her homeland of Lagos, Nigeria, a place she was forced to flee after the events that occurred following her father’s, M.K.O. Chief Abiola, presidential victory in a free election in 1993. The victory was short lived as her dad, who never took office, was imprisoned after […]

February 12

TBFF 2015: Ninah’s Dowry

There is a moment in Victor Viyuoh’s Ninah’s Dowry, while sitting by her dying father’s bedside, where Ninah (Mbufung Seikeh) questions her father about whether a roof over his head is more valuable than his own children? It may seem like a simply question, but her words cut deep considering the plight Ninah has been […]

February 11

TBFF 2015: Boss

Before Django, the titular character of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, strapped on his spurs and cowboy hat, there was Boss. A no-nonsense former slave turned bounty hunter who carried the swagger of Shaft and the grit of Eastwood’s The Man with No Name. Unlike Tarantino’s stylized homage to the blaxploitation and western genres, Jack Arnold’s […]

February 10

TBFF 2015: Manos Sucias

Executive produced by Spike Lee, Manos Sucias tells the tale of two brothers struggling to survive in a world drowning in poverty and endless corruption. Delio (Cristian James Abvincula) is a 19 years-old new father living in the slums of Buenaventura, Columbia. When not dreaming of making it big in the music industry, he plots […]

February 09

TBFF 2015: Through a Lens Darkly

Ingeniously utilizing the concept of family photo albums as a starting point to convey how images are cultivated to create and project a certain ideal, Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People embarks on a rather startling and poignant journey. The film delves into photography’s long and disturbing history of […]

February 09

TBFF 2015: Bee & Julie-Julie, The Silent Treatment, Haleema, Betty’s Blues

Considering the number of quality feature films and documentaries playing the Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF), it is easy to overlook the wealth short films screening as well. Fortunately we have you covered. Today we take a brief look at a couple of the short films that are playing TBFF this year. Bee & Julie-Julie […]