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August 09

Toronto Youth Shorts 2017 Sneak Peek

The 9th Annual Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival will take place from August 11th to August 12th. Featuring 53 short films from five distinct programs, the festival has become a vital launch pad for emerging artist looking to share their unique stories with audiences. Aside from the immense talent on display, one of the pleasures […]

August 01

Toronto Youth Shorts 2016 Sneak Peek

The 2016 Toronto Youth Shorts, which runs from August 5th to August 6th, is just a few days away and it is already shaping up to be another wonderful year for the festival. Showcasing 44 short films from emerging local artists, over three distinct programs, there is no shortage of films to whet every appetite. […]

October 07

2015 T24 Project

Organized by the Toronto Youth Short Film Festival, the T24 Project is a competition that challenges filmmakers 18-30 in age to push the limits of their creativity under extreme time constraints. Competing for the coveted Visual Thesis Award, awarded by a jury of industry professionals, eleven teams were tasked with making a film within 24 […]

August 05

Sneak Peek of 2015 Toronto Youth Shorts

On Saturday August 8, 2015 the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival will be showcasing a whole new crop of exciting films from the next generation of filmmakers. One of the premier outlets for young filmmakers in the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario Area, the annual series continually raises the bar in terms of uncovering and […]

September 22

Toronto Youth Shorts 2014 Sneak Peek

Returning for its sixth season, the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival continues to be one of the premier outlets for young local filmmakers to showcase their talents. Featuring thirty-six short films in three distinct programmes, that cover themes from discovery to the bonds that bind us, there are plenty of choices to satisfy even the […]

February 17

T24 Project 2014

The 6th annual T24 Project took place this past Thursday night. Organized by the Toronto Youth Short Film Festival, the T24 Project is designed to test the ability of young filmmakers to think on their feet and push the limits of creativity within a short timeframe. Competing for the Visual Thesis Award, awarded by a […]

June 21

2013 Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

For the second straight year I had the pleasure of being a part of the Online Critics Panel at the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival. In its fifth year, the festival shows no signs of slowing down as it featured 42 short films covering a wide range of topics. The strong selection of films screening […]

June 13

Jury Duty At The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

Two weekends ago I was called for jury duty. I was invited to be part of the Online Film Critics Panel, which was a sub-jury for The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival. The Online Film Critics Panel was responsible for selecting two awards, The Critic’s Choice Award and the Youth Emerging Artist Award, while the […]

May 25

Toronto Youth Shorts Review: Jordans or Justice

There are some films that instantly take you back to a certain period in your life while still feeling relevant today. Jordans or Justice is one of those for me. Having grown up in the era where Michael Jordan reigned supreme in the NBA, and watched the evolution of the Air Jordan sneaker craze, I […]

May 25

Toronto Youth Shorts Review: Spectra

One of the first things that will come to mind after watching Spectra is The Powerpuff Girls. More specifically, the fact that there have not been many cartoons that feature strong and fun female lead since that show went off the air. In many ways Spectra feels like the perfect successor to that throne. The […]

May 25

Toronto Youth Shorts Review: Loss Together

If you have ever worked in an office, then you most likely have had “the card” experience. This is when a card for a specific event, such as wedding, birth of a child, retirement, etc, gets passed around the office for the employees to sign. While it is meant to be a kind gesture, it […]

May 25

Toronto Youth Shorts Review: Vernal Equinox

On an icy landscape, a fierce battle rages on between a lone warrior and a fearsome beast. Though it is not clear at first what caused this battle, it is evident that the stakes are extremely high. It is only as the film progresses that it becomes clear that Spring is being held hostage. Haiwei […]

May 25

Toronto Youth Shorts Review: Heart of Perception

Heart of Perception is a film that looks at a woman, Alice (Ashley Ross), who is struggling to connect with father, John (Jack Kwinter). What makes their relationship so unique is the fact that John is homeless. Besides the occasional visits from Alice, John only has the birds in the local park and his bottle […]

February 27

Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival: T24 Project 2012

Founded by Henry Wong, the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival has been giving young filmmakers a creative outlet since 2009. In preparation for the upcoming 4th edition of the festival, the organizers have brought back the T24 Project challenge. The T24 Project pitted fifteen teams of young local filmmakers, to write, shoot, and edit a […]