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August 06

The Nominee: Richard Jenkins

I’ve been moved by the performances of Richard Jenkins.  There’s something so honest and real about the man.  His acting is so natural and effortless that you don’t see the acting. He’s the Everyman able to portray any character with complete believability.  With over 70 films to his credit, Jenkins has portrayed everything from a gay FBI agent, to […]

July 24

The Nominee: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts’ filmography is one of great variety.  Since she wowed critics and audiences alike in her role in David Lynch’s psychological thriller, Mulholland Drive, she has appeared in several films, all very different from the other. Mulholland Drive launched Watts’ career, bringing her out from under the radar and into the consciousness of filmmakers […]

July 14

The Nominee: Jack Nicholson

Where does one begin to talk about Jack Nicholson?  His off-screen persona is just as famous as his on-screen one.  He’s made many films over his long and storied career and he’s played some wacky, wonderful and unforgettable characters.  When I think of him, I don’t think first of any particular role he’s played or […]

July 09

The Nominee: Meryl Streep

Considered by many to be the greatest actress of this generation, Meryl Streep has made over 50 films.  Her filmography is incredibly diverse including roles as a real-life union activist, a drug addict, a demanding magazine editor, a nun, and Julia Child, just to name a few. Streep has achieved greater commercial and critical success […]

March 06

The Nominee: Bradley Cooper

I was a big fan of the television show Alias.  Jennifer Garner kicked serious ass as a secret agent and I wasn’t surprised to see her segue into making more movies after the series ended.  What I didn’t expect was the actor who played Will Tippen, her sweet and somewhat nerdy best friend on the […]

February 05

The Nominee: J.K. Simmons

There are actors who have been making movies for a long time and have over 100 acting credits to their name, yet they’re relative unknowns to most movie watchers.  Their faces aren’t synonymous with their real names, but rather with the characters they’ve played: “Isn’t that the guy who played Juno’s dad in Juno?” Often […]

February 02

The Nominee: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of our finest actors.  It’s strange to say that he was one of our finest; it’s strange to have to write about him in the past tense.  One of the first thoughts I had after hearing about his untimely death was that there will be a notable absence in any […]

January 21

The Nominee: Benedict Cumberbatch

With awards season well underway, I thought it would be fun to write about the careers of award nominated actors and actresses, past and present, in a new feature called “The Nominee.”   And the first feature goes to: Benedict Cumberbatch. I have to admit that before The Fifth Estate, I hadn’t heard much about Benedict […]