In Zach Gayne’s devilishly fun horror comedy Homewrecker, the bonds of friendship are put to the ultimate test. When Michelle (Alex Essoe), an interior designer, befriends older Linda (Precious Chong) at a coffee shop she thinks nothing of it at first; after all they are in the same fitness classes together. Clearly sensing that Michelle is having relationship problems with new hubby Robert (Kris Siddiqi), Linda tries to cheer her up by asking her to redecorate her house. Inviting the young designer home to assess the work involved, it quickly becomes clear that Linda has no intention of letting her new friend leave.

Anchored by wonderful performances by Essoe and Chong, both women also co-wrote the script with Gayne, Homewrecker manages to skillfully navigate its campy humour and its thriller beats. Chong is particularly a treat to watch as she can unnerve the audience with only a stare and a smile. Thanks to the strong work by the leads, the film is equally amusing and terrifying.

Skillfully navigating the comedic and horror beats, Gayne throws various elements into his twisted blender and makes a rather entertaining and bloody smoothie. There are nods to thrillers such as Misery and Single White Female; plenty of 80’s pop-culture gags; and even a brilliant Lisa Loeb reference. Through all of this Gayne’s film manages to make pointed commentary on gender double standards and the lingering impact that reckless men causes.

Homewrecker is a delightfully twisted tale of obsession that is full of surprises.

Tuesday, October 22, Scotiabank Theatre, 9:30 PM