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October 13

TADFF 2016: Bed of the Dead

Inanimate objects have always been fodder for horror and applying the supernatural to them is great way to make us fear the mundane. Haunted cars, dolls and mirrors have been examples of this, and now the Black Fawn Films gang has brought us another household item that strikes fear in the hearts of those seeking […]

October 02

Toronto After Dark Unveils 2016 Lineup

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has unveiled its exciting 2016 lineup. Running from October 13th to 21st, the festival’s exciting array of feature films and shorts are guaranteed to entertain genre fans of every variety. Here is what is playing at the festival this year: STAKE LAND 2 (USA/Canada) Canadian Premiere Post-apocalyptic vampire-slayers rejoice! […]

October 25

TADFF 2015: Nina Forever

Nina Forever, the debut film by Ben and Chris Blaine, may be draped in the ghostly bloodstained sheets of a horror-comedy, but it refuses to play by the conventions of the genre. Underneath its off-beat exterior, is a searing and painfully honest portrait of the emotional baggage that often burdens relationships. In the bold hands […]

October 25

TADFF 2015: Patchwork

Remember when you went to the video store and found a schlocky B-movie on VHS with lots of gore, sharp humour and, well, more gore? You’ll find it all with Tyler MacIntyre’s Patchwork. Jennifer (Tory Stolper) is uptight and self-absorbed. She is a repellent to those around her, and is mistreated by her married boyfriend, […]

October 23

TADFF 2015: Lazer Team

Lazer Team arrived at the festival riding an impressive wave of hype. Selling out back-to-back screenings, fans of the comedy troupe known as Rooster Teeth, the brains behind the long-running web series Red vs. Blue, came out in full force to see their beloved actors on the big screen. Quoting lines while standing in the […]

October 22

Interview: Trish Stratus, Cody Hackman and Allan Ungar on Gridlocked

The action-packed film Gridlocked recently had its Canadian premier at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The film follows a former SWAT leader, David Hendrix (Dominic Purcell), and a Hollywood actor, Brody Walker (Cody Hackman), as they, and a few select SWAT members, find themselves fighting off mercenaries intent on entering their facility and stealing […]

October 22

TADFF 2015: Synchronicity

Trying to outsmart time is futile at best, but despite this many a physicist has attempted to crack the secret to time travel. In his new film Synchronicity, writer-director Jacob Gentry, of 2007’s The Signal fame, takes on the concept of time travel in a way that will make the gray matter in your head […]

October 21

TADFF 2015: Awesome Runaway!!, Fuck Buddies, Manoman, Chasing Death, O Negative

Each year Toronto After Dark highlights Canadian and International short films that cover a wide array of genres and subject matters. Here are our thoughts on a few of the shorts we have seen at the festival. Awesome Runaway!! In the action packed short film Awesome Runaway!! director Benjamin de Los Santos offers very little […]

October 20

TADFF 2015: Tag

One of the most surprising, bloodiest, and surreal pro-feminist films you will see this year, Sion Sono’s Tag is a sight to behold. An action-fantasy that is unlike any other, it is a film whose brilliance does not reveal itself at first. If one was to go solely on Tag’s jaw-dropping opening set piece it […]

October 19

TADFF 2015: Gridlocked

Allan Ungar’s Gridlocked may feature a premise reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13, but its heart is firmly in love with the action films of the 80’s and 90’s. Harkening back to a time when odd couple pairings, bullets and explosions were a staple dish for movie goers on a Saturday night, Ungar’s […]

October 19

TADFF 2015: Shut In

Anna (Beth Riesgraf) suffers from a severe case of agoraphobia, one that has prohibited her from leaving her house for the past ten years. Her phobia is so crippling that her only source of human interaction comes from her dying brother Conrad (Timothy T. McKinney) and a local delivery boy named Danny (Rory Culkin). When […]

October 18

TADFF 2015: The Interior

Many a therapist will advise their clients to do internal work and explore hidden, unresolved feelings harbored, often for a lifetime. With Trevor Juras’ debut feature film The Interior, we get a literal representation of just that, but with an extremely sinister twist. Being a cog in the wheel of an industrialized, computerized and compartmentalized […]

October 17

TADFF 2015: The Hollow One

Add two parts Hellraiser, one part A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a pinch of sci-fi; bake in the indie horror oven for an hour and forty minutes and you’ll get The Hollow One. It’s a recipe to whet the appetite of the die-hard 80’s horror fan. Family secrets riddle the Wades as father Mike […]

October 16

TADFF 2015: The Demolisher

There is a scene early on in Gabriel Carrer’s The Demolisher where the soundtrack blares the “I wanna feel invincible” as a vigilante in riot gear takes on some local gang members. While other directors would use this moment as a calling card to showcase the strength of the face shield wearing individual, Carrer opts […]

October 15

TADFF 2015: A Christmas Horror Story

Christmas is traditionally considered a time for good cheer and good will among all. However, in the past, it was also known as a time for ghost stories and creepier fare, such as the European legend of Krampus. This cloven-hooved and horned entity ran amok terrorizing naughty children at Christmas. He has fast become a […]

October 14

TADFF 2015: Night of the Living Deb

Zom-coms have become a genre that is difficult to do well. When they are successful, it’s usually because they are so over-the-top and absurd you have to laugh. With the grand-daddies of the genre in recent years being Shaun of the Dead and Dead Snow, I think the creators of Night of the Living Deb […]

October 13

TADFF 2015: The Hallow

Corin Hardy’s debut film The Hallow opens up with a picturesque shot of Adam Hitchens (Joseph Mawle) and his wife Clare (Bojana Novakovic) on a ship looking out at the Irish landscape that will serve as their new home. Complete with baby boy in tow, it is a serene moment for the big city couple, […]

October 03

Toronto After Dark Announces 10th Anniversary Lineup

The Toronto After Dark: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Cult Film Festival has unveiled its exciting 2015 lineup. Once again compiling an exciting array of feature films and a fantastic collection of shorts, the festival is gearing up to offer audiences tons of thrills and chills this Halloween season. The 10th annual edition of the festival […]

October 28

TAD 2014: The Babadook

Arriving on a stunning wave of critical praise, expectations for Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook were undeniably raised. Boosting buzz that hailed it as the scariest film of the year, many came from far and wide looking for a good jolt of fear. Due to the insane level of hype the film no doubt divided the […]

October 27

TAD 2014: Let Us Prey

Game of Thrones’ star Liam Cunningham gets to indulge in his darker side in Let Us Prey, an entertaining homage to the 80s genre films that the likes of John Carpenter use to make. In the film Cunningham plays a mysterious stranger, only known as Six, who appears on the outskirts of a small town. […]