The stigma surrounding mental illness is something that we all need to take responsibility in erasing. Part of this not only requires educating oneself about the various symptoms, but also taking the time to get to know those around us who often suffer in silence. In Sara Kenney’s award-winning short, which is narrated by Oscar nominee Samantha Morton, a young woman named Amber must learn to adapt to the swift changes in her family when mental health issues threaten her once tight bond with her brothers. The animated short offers an engaging and instructional, really this film could easily be played in schools and clinics worldwide, exploration of those dealing with mental health issues. It serves as a positive reminder that understanding and knowledge will not only break the stigma, but will also ensure that we respectfully treat those with mental health issues like the human beings they are.

Angels and Ghosts
Director: Sara Kenney / UK/ 2013/ 10 minutes
Starring: Samantha Morton