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December 30

Top Films of 2017

I struggled to come up with a single word to describe this year. So much of 2017 for me was consumed by politics and the uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations we are only now starting to have regarding race, gender, beliefs and power. Through it all cinema was both my source of escapism and a place […]

December 01


When I was much younger, there were times when I would wonder what people might say at my funeral. Now I am at a stage in my life where I occasionally ponder who will be the ones that will remember me in the years after my death? The importance of keeping the memory of our […]

December 13

Life, Animated

One of the remarkable things about Roger Ross Williams’ Life, Animated is the way it celebrates the power of film without feeling like a promotional tool for that which it praises. Disney movies have been leaving lasting impressions on generations of film lovers both young and old for many years. While their best films can […]

June 23

Finding Dory

The longer a sequel takes to be made, the higher the stakes become (see the budget for the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence). Also, focusing a sequel on a supporting character (Minions, Evan Almighty) doesn’t always pay off as well as the original. However, when you have the star power of Ellen DeGeneres, and bring back […]

June 08

The Angry Birds Movie

Being a parent of a five-year-old boy, the question was not if my son would see The Angry Birds Movie, but rather when. Though his video game playing time is limited to about an hour a week, the one brand of games he plays the most is Angry Birds. When not playing the games he […]

March 23

Zootopia Offers Parents a Gateway to Discourse

A little over a year and a half ago, I was at MacDonald’s with my wife and then three-year-old son hoping to grab a quick bite before running a few errands. While my wife stood in line to order our food, my son and I rushed to grab the only seat available in the surprisingly […]

June 25

Shorts Spotlight: Miss Todd

Set in 1909, Kristina Yee’s magnificent award-winning film Miss Todd captures a time when the possibility of flight had an entire generation filled with awe and excitement. Inspired by the life of E. Lilian Todd – the first woman in the world to build and design an airplane – the film charts one woman’s journey […]

June 24

Inside Out

Pixar’s newest entry into the canon of childhood exploration, Inside Out, plunges into the depths of the emotions that drive our lives, and how out of control they can sometimes seem. Most importantly it aims to show us that it’s okay to feel all of the feelings that make us whole. Riley – the body […]

January 07

Into the Woods

Into the Woods has a pretty long history on the road to the big screen. The closest they have come was a 1991 televised version of the stage version on PBS (with Bernadette Peters as the witch). Who would have guessed it would take Disney to create the film version of a messed up series […]