One of the things that made Pixar’s Up so memorable was how its opening moments managed to capture the entirety of a person’s life through the aging process. While Zach Parrish’s latest short film Us Again is a vastly different work, it effectively captures that same sense of longing for the past that often comes with getting older. Taking a more upbeat approach, the film works as a great companion piece to Pixar’s Oscar winning film while still carving out its own unique space.

Parrish’ tale centres around an elderly interracial couple who once shared a love for dance. Now in the later stages of life, the man has become a curmudgeon who wants nothing more than to sit in his chair and watch television. Reluctant to even go for a walk with his loving wife, the man’s life gets a shot of energy in the arm when a chance rain shower magically reverts him and his wife back to their younger selves. Reborn once again, he quickly takes the opportunity to rekindle his love for dance by turning the city into his personal dance floor. However, he soon discovers that this youthfulness only lasts while he remains in the rain. As the downpour begins to move away, the man quickly finds himself in a race against time.

In observing the man’s desperate attempts to grasp the fleeting strands of youth, Parrish’ film effectively makes the viewer reflect on their own life. Us Again is a celebration of the beautiful experiences that come with aging. Constructing a film that is deeply charming and romantic, this jazzy and richly textured animated gem hits all the right notes. Us Again is the type of film that reminds us that feeling old is often only a state of mind.