Parents looking to keep the young ones occupied during the summer will be happy, well at least their kids will be, to know that Trolls World Tour hits Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow. Featuring the option to experience an interactive “Dance Party Edition,” and filled with plenty of bonus content, the film will have kids singing and dancing for a few hours.

Picking up shortly after peace has been restored to their land, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) is adjusting to life as queen and Branch (Justin Timberlake) is struggling to express his true feelings for her. Little do they know that Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), the leader of the Hard Rock Trolls, is conducting a game changing world tour. Determined to claim the “strings” that provide the essence for each tribe’s brand of music, Queen Barb wants to unify all the trolls around the world under the house of hard rock.

Shocked to discover that her pop music loving clan are not the only trolls in the world, Poppy initially sets out to make friends with Barb. A plan that does not sit well with the cynical Branch. However, when the pair see the destructive power of Barb’s tribe, they race to warn the other Trolls (e.g. Country Trolls, Funk Trolls, etc.) of the danger headed their way.

Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour offers a fitting blend of music, nostalgia and hope. The story may not be deep by any means, but it will have kids bopping their heads every step of the way. Featuring songs that will appeal to almost every musical taste, the film stresses the importance of diversity and acceptance. Trolls World Tour aims to teach kids that we are stronger together than apart; but also demonstrates that being together means accepting each other’s differences.

While a film like Zootopia wrapped similar themes around a richly constructed narrative, the plot feels more like an afterthought here. Director Walt Dohrn is more concerned with using the film’s message as an excuse to incorporate as much music as possible. Not that it will matter though, children will eat up this colourful music infused adventure and parents will be thankful for the temporary distraction.

Kids will take delight in watching the Dance Party version of the film as it features sing-along lyrics for all the major songs and teaches them dance steps throughout the film. The Blu-ray also features the animated short film “Tiny Dancer Goes Back to School” which features the glittered infused Troll learning the importance of being one’s self. Older audiences will find the “Trolls Perfect Harmony” interesting as it explores how Timberlake and other musicians such as Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Osbourne, Mary J. Blige and George Clinton to name a few, came together to bring the musical characters to life.

Trolls World Tour may not stay in one’s conscious long, but kids will no doubt have the film on repeat.

Bonus Features: Dance Party Version, Tiny Dancer Goes Back to School, Trolls Dance Academy, Trolls World Tourist Map, Deleted Scenes, Trolls Perfect Harmony, Trolls World Tour Backstory