If you have seen Tommy Wiseau’s The Room then you know what a strange film it is. A drama so bizarrely constructed that it has earned a comedic cult following. The Disaster Artist, the latest directorial work by James Franco, dives into not only what led Wiseau to make the movie, but the now infamous production shoot that proved to be strenuous for all involved.

The story beings when Wiseau (Franco) first meets and befriends Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) in a San Francisco acting class. Moving to Los Angeles to pursue their acting dreams, their careers quickly go in different directions. Although Sestero quickly lands an agent, the mysterious Wiseau, who speaks with a thick Eastern European accent despite claiming to be from New Orleans, finds Hollywood to be a cruel place. Unwilling to give up, and with plenty of money at his disposal despite not having a job, Wiseau decides to take matters into his own hand and make a film for he and Sestero to star in.

A consistently amusing film, one that will satisfy both diehard fans of The Room and newcomers alike, the most surprising thing about The Disaster Artist is its compassion. Franco takes a truly loving look at the central friendship and brings a surprising amount of humanity to his note-perfect portrayal of the eccentric Wiseau. Backed by a star-studded cast, The Disaster Artist is a hilarious and loving tribute to a truly unique filmmaker.

Monday, September 11, 11:59 PM, Ryerson
Tuesday, September 12, 6:45 PM, Scotiabank 1

Tickets can be purchased at the TIFF website.


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