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September 07

TIFF 2017: The Disaster Artist

If you have seen Tommy Wiseau’s The Room then you know what a strange film it is. A drama so bizarrely constructed that it has earned a comedic cult following. The Disaster Artist, the latest directorial work by James Franco, dives into not only what led Wiseau to make the movie, but the now infamous […]

February 03

The Auteurs: Noah Baumbach

One of the new voices to emerge in the mid-1990s, Noah Baumbach is a filmmaker that has a talent for making compelling films about people dealing with changes in their lives. After bursting onto the scene with his first feature film in 1995’s Kicking and Screaming, his career came to a brief halt following back-to-back […]

June 30

22 Jump Street

Inspired by the 80s television show of the same name, 2012’s 21 Jump Street involved two cops pretending to be high school students in order to uncover a drug supplier. The sequel 22 Jump Street is essentially a rehash of sorts of its predecessor. Directed once again by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the story […]

May 13


In director Nicholas Stoller’s comedy Neighbors, a couple with a newborn baby find themselves sparring with a rowdy fraternity that has moved in next door. Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) Radner, like all new parents, are struggling to be responsible parents while still clinging to the notion of being young and hip. Upon […]