Usain Bolt’s athletic ability and undeniable charm has made him one of the most popular Olympic athletes in recent years. While he exudes confidence on the track, Limbert Fabian and Jake Wyatt’s animated short The Boy Who Learned to Fly shows that this was not always the case. Commissioned by Gatorade, working in conjunction with Moonbot Studios, the film charts Bolt’s rise and the self-doubt that could have easily crippled his career.

The family friendly bio-pic of sorts highlights a few key moments in Bolt’s life as he moves from a young boy, who could not afford to even carry a lunch to school, to a teenager competing in the 2002 Junior Championships. Though designed for the purpose of selling the Gatorade brand, Fabian and Wyatt ensure that Bolt’s inspirational tale is always at the forefront. The pair take his larger than life persona and show that he would not be half the man he is if it wasn’t for people like his mother and his first coach who fostered the potential they saw in him.

At a brisk seven minutes, The Boy Who Learned to Fly effectively conveys its message of never losing sight of ones true nature in a way that should please those both young and old.

Screens (with Salluit Run Club):
Saturday, June 10th, 2 PM, TIFF Bell Lightbox

Tickets can be purchased at the Canadian Sport Film Festival website.

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