Jessica (Mallory James) and Cody (Trevor Mutual) have arranged an exclusive interview with Victor Merrick (Ryan Black). He claims to know why people have been disappearing off the streets of Winnipeg, and has reluctantly given Channel 7 news the scoop. Merrick reveals that the streets run rampant with monsters, and that they come from a place call “The Hollow”. When Cody scoffs at his claims, the duo is kicked out, leaving Cody suspicious of their dodgy host and ready to investigate. What they find is more than they bargained for.

This short is a touch cheesy, but it’s a bit of fun for those who like an homage to X-Files and Scooby sleuthing. New director Cody Halcrow embraces the horror genre with gusto, but the story is a real stretch with an unfulfilled plot harkening back to, what I can guess is the Hollow Earth theory. A belief that mysterious and/or powerful people live in a subterranean world under the Earth’s surface. The special fx makeup is limited and leaves a lot to the imagination, but you can see a vision developing. Remains, Human is almost like a trailer for a great idea that needs more than 8 minutes, however, it had me wanting more from the “monsters” on the streets of Winnipeg.