Vitamins for Life
Playing like an old educational video, and clocking in under two minutes, Grier Dill’s science fiction short film is a delight. Vitamins for Life is an instructional guide that highlights the importance of vitamins “F” through to “L”. Showing us how these vitamins protect us from aliens, portals, and a host of other dangers, the film packs in plenty of laughs in its brief running time. Leaving the audience wanting more, while simultaneously not overstaying its welcome, Vitamins for Life is exactly medicine needed to put one in a good mood.


As a European mobster (Sergiy Marchenko) sits in the back of a restaurant with his crew, proudly welcoming his son into the fold, a young woman in a hoodie, Olga (Naomi Frenette), enters the establishment and takes a seat in a vacant booth. Bothered by the woman’s presence at an otherwise private affair, one of the mobster’s men is order to see her off the premises. Little do they know that Olga is no ordinary woman, in fact she has been training for this moment her entire life. Blending thrilling choreographed action sequences, that actually let you see the moves rather than relying on quick edits, with an engaging revenge drama, Olaf Svenson’s film is the type of short that could easily be a feature film. Anchored by strong performances, Frenette in particular gives a star-making turn, and convincing action, Olga will satisfy even the most casual action fan.


Boy Toys
When it comes to ranking iconic dolls, the Ken doll falls just behind Barbie and G.I. Joe. A modern renaissance man, Ken can be a doctor, pilot, olympian, or Barbie’s accessory if the situation calls for it. However, as we see in Trevor Kristjanson’s amusing short film Boy Toys, life for male dolls is not all that it is cracked up to be. The film follows Ken (Brock Couch) as he attempts to explain to Carson (Stefan Blab), a new guy who does not fully realize what he really is, the lay of the land. Enduring abuse at the hands of their owner, precious little Anika (Annika Eylse Irving), the two men try their best to survive the horrors that come with being dolls. Hilarious and, and at times disturbing, Boy Toys will ensure you never look at a Ken doll the same way again.