Terminator (Blossom Chukwujekwu) is a man who has left a trail of broken hearts a mile long. The envy of his friends Fox (Ken Erics) and Baptist (Gabriel Afolayan), Terminator lives his life according to the principles of “Okafor’s Law.” A myth that proclaims once a man has bedded a woman, he is allowed to sleep with her again guilt-free regardless of what situation the woman’s life may be in at the time (e.g. married, in a relationship, etc). Determined to prove that he can woo any woman under this law, a confident Terminator agrees to a little wager with Fox and Baptist. Allowing his friends to choose three difficult women from his past, Terminator only has a few weeks to bed them all or he will have to hand over some of his shares in his family business to his two friends. What Terminator fails to anticipate though is the fact that he might actually have genuine feelings for some of the women he is set to conquest.

Okafor’s Law, the latest film from Omoni Oboli, the director also plays one of the women Terminator is tasked with seducing, hits all the typical romantic comedy beats one would expect. However, there is an undeniable charm to the way Oboli crafts her film. The audience is never quite sure which, if any for that matter, of the women Terminator will end up with. Furthermore, Oboli takes a cad who, by all accounts, the audience should despise and manages to make us want to follow his journey through to the end. While the film’s plot gets a little sloppy in the final act, the performances by Oboli, Chukwujekwu and the rest of the cast help to ensure the laughs keep rolling. Exquisitely shot, and carrying broad appeal, Okafor’s Law is a romantic comedy that will satisfy those seeking a lighthearted look at love, sex, and all the complicated feelings in between.

Sunday, September 18, 12:00 PM, Scotiabank

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