interview with a time travler 1

Time travel has a long-standing history with science fiction drama. Considering how easy it is to get bogged down in the elaborate nature of jumping around time, it is always nice to see a director buck the trend and take a more minimalist approach. Instead of focusing heavily on the science, director James Cooper creates a captivating character study of two men whose live seem destined to intertwine. The story focuses on a journalist who interviews a mysterious man in his hotel room. The man claims to be a time traveler from the far future, but the journalist is skeptical of these claims. Featuring shades of Interview with the Vampire in its construction, by way of Frost/Nixon, Cooper’s film does a good job of providing great weight to the conversation between the two men. Featuring solid dialogue, and great performances from Eric Johnson and Elias Toufexis, Interview with a Time Traveler shows that even the simplest of conversations can carry mighty stakes.

Interview with a Time Traveler
Director: James Cooper / Canada / 2014 / 10 minutes.
Starring: Eric Johnson and Elias Toufexis