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February 06

The Cloverfield Paradox

The legacy of Julius Onah’s latest film The Cloverfield Paradox, for better or worse, will forever be tied to its unconventional release. After having its release date bounce around like a ball in a tennis match, Paramount decide to sell the hotly anticipate addition to the Cloverfield franchise to Netflix. The streaming platform then surprised […]

December 18

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Nine films into the franchise (if you include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) there are certain eye-rolling tropes that one comes to expect from a Star Wars film. There will be a plan involving sneaking behind enemy lines. The Millennium Falcon (or fill in the heroic spaceship of your choice) will need to fly […]

October 15

TADFF 2017: The Drop In

I enjoy short films because they are their own genre with their own rules. Unlike feature-length film, there’s no standard runtime, only an upper limit of 40 minutes (including credits) in order to qualify for Oscar consideration. The fact that shorts usually jump right into the action makes the genre feel freer and less predictable […]

October 11

Blade Runner 2049

We live in an age where it is becoming increasingly common to dismiss sequels from the moment they are announced. More often the than not there is good reason for the distain. Time and time again studios assume that they can recapture the magic of an existing property by repackaging the same item they sold […]

March 24

Changing Reels Ep. 15 – Timecrimes

A man accidentally gets into a time machine and travels back in time….and that is the least of his problems.  In this episode, we discuss Nacho Vigalondo’s brilliantly constructed science fiction tale Timecrimes.  Part thriller and part dark comedy, Vigalondo ensures that no moment is wasted in this film. While other time travel tales get […]

March 11

Kong: Skull Island

In a brilliant piece of marketing, Kong: Skull Island strategically aligned itself in the same vein as the Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now. Those looking for a blockbuster take on Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic film should temper their expectations. While Apocalypse’s influences can be felt from a stylistic standpoint, the South Pacific sun looms as […]

March 01

Galaxy of Horrors

Little Terrors Short Film Festival is a monthly showcase of shorts started in 2011 by CEO of Unstable Grounds Productions Justin McConnell, who is also a Toronto-based producer-director-editor extraordinaire. Co-presented with Rue Morgue Magazine, it’s a time to celebrate short films that pack punch, and many a horror fan is often hungry for these bit-sized […]

November 01

New on Blu-ray & DVD: Star Trek Beyond

Three years into their five-year mandate, the crew of the USS Enterprise has found themselves in a comfortable rhythm. One where the daily job no longer offers the thrills and sense of discovery that it once did. The routine and uneventful nature of the work has taken a toll on members of the crew, but […]

October 26

New on Blu-ray & DVD: Independence Day: Resurgence

The tag line for Independence Day: Resurgence boasts that “we had twenty years to prepare…so did they,” though one cannot help but wonder what exactly that preparation time was spent on? If you are like myself, and missed the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster when it stormed its way into theatres this past summer, then […]

October 23

ImagineNATIVE 2016: The Northlander

Combining mysticism and First Nations people seems like a natural way to convey a culture. Add a speculative science fiction element to it and you have Benjamin Ross Hayden’s The Northlander. Set in 2961, a mysterious hunter with a reputation for his fierce nature, Cygnus (Corey Sevier), must help his people by defeating a blood […]

October 17

TADFF 2016: Kill Command

From vacuuming rooms to building cars to performing surgery, robotic technology is fast becoming a part of everyday life. Robots are also fair game in the sci-fi realm, with many films asking “What if?” when it comes to artificial intelligence. In Steven Gomez’s Kill Command, the military gets their turn with the robots gone wrong […]

October 23

TADFF 2015: Lazer Team

Lazer Team arrived at the festival riding an impressive wave of hype. Selling out back-to-back screenings, fans of the comedy troupe known as Rooster Teeth, the brains behind the long-running web series Red vs. Blue, came out in full force to see their beloved actors on the big screen. Quoting lines while standing in the […]

October 22

TADFF 2015: Synchronicity

Trying to outsmart time is futile at best, but despite this many a physicist has attempted to crack the secret to time travel. In his new film Synchronicity, writer-director Jacob Gentry, of 2007’s The Signal fame, takes on the concept of time travel in a way that will make the gray matter in your head […]

February 13

TIFF Next Wave: Boy 7

Sam (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen) wakes up on a crowded subway with no recollection of who he is or how he got there. After a confrontation with the police reveals that he possesses above average combat abilities, the confused teenager sets out to uncover his true identity. Aided by the mysterious Lara (Ella-June Henrard), […]

December 31

Shorts Spotlight: Bag Man

In Jonathan and Josh Baker’s meditative short Bag Man, we, the audience, are taken on tour from the streets of Harlem to the winter-ravaged woodlands of Upstate New York countryside. Our tour guide is a 12 year-old boy (Judah Bellamy) carrying a bag that he is very guarded about. As the film progresses the reason […]

December 17

Shorts Spotlight: The Landing

There are certain films that catch you completely off-guard, but you are grateful that they did. Josh Tanner‘s The Landing is one of those film. It arrived in my inbox with a simple note stating that the short told the story of a mysterious UFO in Midwestern America in the 1960s. To be honest, I […]

December 13

Shorts Spotlight: Interview with a Time Traveler

Time travel has a long-standing history with science fiction drama. Considering how easy it is to get bogged down in the elaborate nature of jumping around time, it is always nice to see a director buck the trend and take a more minimalist approach. Instead of focusing heavily on the science, director James Cooper creates […]

November 30

BITS 2014: Ejecta

The promo material for Ejecta intrigued me. It describes the film as “The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe”; a blurb from the directors goes on to call it “the story of two men who witness an unexplainable event in the atmosphere on the eve of a […]

November 28

BITS 2014: Short Film Showcase

Part of the pleasure that comes with taking in the Blood in the Snow Film Festival is the numerous short films that screen before the features. The festival also highlights the creativity of the medium in their Short Film Showcase programme. The showcase offers another venue for filmmakers to show off their talents. Here are […]

November 12


Directed by Christopher Nolan, and co-written with his brother Jonathan, Interstellar is one ambitious science fiction drama. The plot involves a former pilot turned engineer, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who is tasked with going on a space mission to find a new world after Earth is ravaged by a horrific dustbowl. Upon discovering a series of […]