After delighting audiences with his wonderfully crude film The Go-Getters, director Jeremy LaLonde returns with another crowd-pleasing comedy. Bringing his brand of humour to the realm of science fiction, LaLaonde’s James vs. His Future Self follows scientist James (Jonas Chernick) as he desperately tries to unlock the secret to time travel. Obsessed with his work, James cannot find time to keep to his promises to his sister Meredith (Tommie-Amber Pirie) and fellow scientist Courtney (Cleopatra Coleman). His workaholic ways are challenged when he meets the future version of himself, Jimmy (Daniel Stern) while on a coffee run.

Knowing what James ultimately sacrifices to achieve his goal, Jimmy has traveled back in time to stop his breakthrough discovery. Believing he can change his ways, James is granted a few days to improve his life for the better before Jimmy takes matters into his own hands. However, the mere presence of his future self only furthers James’ desire to finish his research.

James vs. His Future Self never delves too deeply into the logistics of time travel, however, it makes enough logical connections to make it understandable for the average viewer. More surprising than the science is the genuine amount of heart within the film. As James’ motivations become clearer, the film reveals itself to be about cherishing human connections.

Anchored by strong comedic turns by Stern and scene-stealer Frances Conroy, as James’ boss Dr. Rowley, James vs. His Future Self is a fun romp worthy of your time.

James vs. His Future Self arrives on digital and VOD on April 3rd