The college/university experience is only a brief facet in a person’s life, but it is an important step in transitioning into adulthood. In This Is It, director Alexander Engel captures the highs, lows, and awkward moments in between that come with college life. The premise involves two friends who move into their first apartment and quickly find out that living together is not all they hoped it would be. While the story is one that many of us can relate to, what makes This Is It standout is the fact that dialogue is presented as a series of questions. This is not only an inspired decision on Engel’s part, but also leads to moments that are both hilarious and a tad bittersweet. Clever and funny, Engel’s This Is It provides a refreshing take on once tired tropes. It makes us both nostalgic for that time in our life, and subsequently thankful that we survived it…emotional scars and all.

This Is It
Director: Alexander Engel / USA / 2014 / 3 Minutes
Starring: Daivd Gelles, Mike Steinmetz, Hannah Dunne, Nicole Balsam and Noah Chamis.

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