It is time to test your film knowledge with the July edition of I Have Scene It Before. Last month only 16 of the 21 films were identified. The five films that stumped people were: Xavier Dolan’s 2010 film Heartbeats (#5); the 1976 film J.D.’s Revenge (#9); the 1964 classic I Am Cuba (#14); the blaxploitation film The Black Klansman (#15), and Atom Egoyan’s 1993 film Calendar (#19). Here is this month’s selection of film scenes. How many can you identify?

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  1. 3. Zero Dark Thirty
    4. American Pie
    6. Star Trek: ID
    7. Untouchables
    11. I’ve seen it but can’t think of it
    14. Small Soldiers
    17. Hoosiers?

  2. 2. Blue Jasmine
    7. Untouchables
    11. Unforgiven
    19. Roman Holiday
    20. Dial M for Murder??
    21. Mary Poppins

  3. 3. Zero Dark 30
    4. American Pie
    6. Star Trek: Into Darkness
    7. The Untouchables
    11. The Unforgiven
    13. Basic Instinct
    14. Toy Soilders

  4. Most of these are confirmation of earlier guesses:

    1. Au Hasard Balthazar?
    4. American Pie 2
    7. The Untouchables
    11. Unforgiven
    16. The Program
    17. Loose Cannons
    18. Johnny Mnemonic
    19. Roman Holiday
    21. Mary Poppins

    1. 10. is Under the Skin? that was my first thought, based on how the screenshot looks, but when is that? i don’t remember any of the people “in the void” grasping hands like that…

      1. The moment comes when one of the new victims is trapped in the void and first realizes that others are in there with him. One of the “others” in particular still seems to be alive and reaches out towards him. It ends in a rather gruesome sequence…

        1. yeah thats the only part i could remember that might apply. i just don’t remember them touching. i thought he reached out and then *bam*. hmm. i guess i don’t remember it because i hated every second of that film

  5. I thought I’d be able to name a few that no one else had, but as I made my way down the list I eventually saw all the ones I knew listed. Hell, I saw The Phantom (#15) just a couple of weeks ago for the first time since the mid 1990s. I hadn’t even known that Catherine Zeta Jones was in it because she wasn’t known when it came out.

    I was surprised it took as long to name Basic Instinct as it did, too.

      1. It’s basically Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but without Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg. In fact, large parts of the plot of this earlier film ended up in the last Indy film.

  6. Great post. It’s virtually impossible to identify Blue Jasmine (number 2) for those who haven’t seen it at least once because the photo is not a close-up, but gosh how rememberable this scene is when Dwight invites Jasmine to look at his new home for the first time.

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