The Date 1

A finalist at the 1999 Tropfest Short Film Festival, The Date is one of those comedies that cruises along at a decent clip and then completely blindsides us in the final turn. With her parents out-of-town, Sophie (Rose Byrne) and her boyfriend Nick (Dan Spielman) make plans for an evening of intimate fun. When Nick forgets to buy condoms, Sophie suggests that they borrow some from her parent’s stash. After all Nick can always replace them the next day. Of course, this task proves rather difficult for Nick when he discovers that the condom company has changed the colour of their packaging. To divulge anymore would take away from the gags that directors Damon Herriman and William Usic set up in the film. Though both Herriman and Usic are better known for their acting work, they show that they have just as much talent behind the camera as in front of it.

The Date
Directors: Damon Herriman and William Usic / Australia/ 1999 / 7 minutes
Starring: Rose Byrne, Dan Spielman, Richard Carter and Denise Kirby

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