The immigrant

Kids in the Hall alumni Scott Thompson wrote and starred in this comedy about a comedian who is desperate to get his career back on track. After being deported back to his native Canada, once-famous comedian Bob London (Thompson) attempts a Hollywood comeback by enlisting human smugglers to sneak him across the Mexico-US border. Landing in East Los Angeles, and being rejected by his former manager and famous friends, a penniless London must learn how to make it in America with the help of two migrant workers. Directed by Josh Levy and featuring cameos by Dave Foley, Michael Cera, Margaret Cho and Will Forte, The Immigrant takes some nice comedic jabs at celebrity, class structure and the immigrant experience.

The Immigrant
Director: Josh Levy / USA / 2012 / 20 minutes
Starring: Scott Thompson, Deborah Theaker, Luis Jimenez, Gilbert Martinez, Dave Foley, Michael Cera, Margaret Cho and Will Forte