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December 23


After hitting it out of the park with both Okja and Mudbound, Netflix’s latest original film Bright is a huge step backwards in some regards. While the company deserves credit for taking risks and financing high-concept works, David Ayer’s latest film proves that even ambitious streaming companies like Netflix can completely misread what consumers want […]

May 25

Inside Out 2017: The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin

Listening to Armistead Maupin recount prominent moments in his life, it quickly becomes clear that he is a natural storyteller. Achieving fame for his celebrated column Tales of the City in the San Francisco Chronicle, Maupin has been a key documentarian of life in San Francisco and the changing face of America’s political climate for […]

May 31

Inside Out 2016: Hurricane Bianca

Continuing the long cinematic tradition of men dressing in drag to better advance their personal situation, Hurricane Bianca travels down a very familiar path. All the tropes of one would expect from this type of film are on display, right down to the seemingly straight man who is inexplicably unable to see that the woman […]

December 18

Call Me Lucky

In the basement that has haunted Barry Crimmins since he can remember, the acerbic comedian’s tongue falters for a moment as he hums and haws in the darkness. Eventually, unrehearsed words pour out and assemble themselves into a poignant reminder of why he is the perfect subject for Bobcat Goldthwait’s documentary Call Me Lucky. Though […]

February 23

Shorts Spotlight: ‘The Immigrant’, starring Scott Thompson

Kids in the Hall alumni Scott Thompson wrote and starred in this comedy about a comedian who is desperate to get his career back on track. After being deported back to his native Canada, once-famous comedian Bob London (Thompson) attempts a Hollywood comeback by enlisting human smugglers to sneak him across the Mexico-US border. Landing […]