Can you believe that we are only thirteen days away from the Oscar nominations announcement? To slowly get us in the Academy Award mood, today’s short, Record/Play, is one of the 10 films currently shortlisted for the Best Live Action Short category. The film is a science fiction tale about a man who mourns the loss of his love by repeatedly listening to a tape of her final words. The man soon discovers that the cassette player is a time machine that could impact the events in the past. Director Jesse Atlas masterfully creates a film that is romantic, inventive and heartbreaking. While making the top 10 is a great achievement, we will have to wait until January 16th to see if Record/Play is selected as one of the final five nominees.

Director: Jesse Atlas / USA/ 2013 / 11 Minutes
Starring Mustafa Shakir, Deepti Gupta and Daniyar