Codfish and Cyanide

Relationships are built on honesty and trust…or at least that is what we strive for. However, what happens when the truth is just too outlandish to believe? In David Gesslbauer’s amusing short the notion of honesty being the best policy is put to the test. A man arrives at a restaurant to meet his girlfriend for dinner looking disheveled. A perpetual lair, he tries to tell her everything but the truth. Yet he is not prepared for her surprising response when he finally decides to be honest. Gesslbauer manages to weave an entertaining and fully realized tale all within the confines of one location. His two actors, Merle Collet and Nils Malten, do a wonderful job of conveying both the outlandish nature of the man’s story while keeping their characters grounded in reality.

Codfish & Cyanide
Director: David Gesslbauer / Germany / 2013
Starring: Merle Collet & Nils Malten


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