Mary and Myself
At a brisk 6 minutes, Sam Decoste’s wonderful animated short manages to both delight and educate at the same time. Narrated by Jia Tsu Ye Thompson, the film reflects on the time that Thompson and her friend Mary were asked to perform the comfort women story in The Vagina Monologues. Although both women were in their 70s, and had limited to no stage experience, the desire to tell such an important story propelled them to tackle their fears of performing in front of an audience. By focusing on the women’s preparation for the performance, Decoste is able to tap into many humorous moments. These moments of levity are nicely balanced with the sad tale of the comfort women, which consisted of women and girls, who were forced to prostitute themselves to Japanese soldiers. Despite the tough subject matter that the film touches on, audience members will ultimately walk away with a huge smile on their face. Mary & Myself is a charming film that tackles an important moment in history in a poignant and entertaining way.