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January 05

CAST Awards Crowns Boyhood Best Film of 2014

Established in 2010, the Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto has been described as a ragtag group of semi-professional film bloggers, podcasters, tweeters and TIFF Lightbox lobby loiterers. What unites them all is a love for cinema and for the cinema culture in their city. Drawing from the massive pool of more than 500 theatrically released […]

December 28

Top Ten Films of 2014

2014 was a fantastic year for cinema! There was truly an abundance of riches to choose from. Below are the titles that left the biggest mark on me. To be eligible for a spot on this list a film had to either have a theatrical/VOD release in 2014, or screen at one of the local […]

August 08


Lamenting the lack of originality in film has become a popular pastime for many over the last couple of years. Despite the constant outcries for something new, the fact of the matter is that most people want what is comfortable and familiar. It is why films such as Snowpiercer and Enemy must settle for a […]

April 10

My Marriage Viewed Through Film

Four years ago today, I married a woman whose love and continual support has been an instrumental part of my film loving obsession in recent years. Although not a film buff, my wife has always encouraged all of my film related activities. Whether I am taking in film festivals, or spending far too much time […]

April 04

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Inspired by the works of Stefan Zweig, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a story about a concierge at a prestigious Eastern European hotel in 1932 who finds himself accused of murder. Written and directed by Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel is an ambitious film that features many of the traits Anderson has become known […]