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March 12

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a good movie is sold and/or publicized as something it is not. You can’t help but be a little disappointed when you discover that the movie is nothing like what you were promised. While this type of bait and switch might help to bring in audiences, it […]

November 19

James White

In hindsight, watching James White on the same day that I found out that a family member had passed away was probably not a wise move. It not only stirred up thoughts of the cancer that impacted my family on that day, but also the ways the illness has wrapped its vile claws around those […]

January 30

A Most Violent Year

In J.C. Chandor’s methodically tense crime drama, A Most Violent Year, the American Dream is ripe for the taking for those who have the fortitude to reach into murky waters and pull it out. Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) is the prototypical self-made man who has worked his way from driving trucks to be being the […]