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October 03

New on Blu-ray: The Wizard of Lies

Bernard “Bernie” Madoff defrauded thousands of people out of an estimated 65 billion dollars in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history. Instead of simply focusing on the rise and fall of Madoff, director Barry Levinson’s The Wizard of Lies takes a Shakespearian tragedy approach to the impact that Madoff’s actions had on […]

September 28

New on Blu-ray & DVD: The Neon Demon

Nicolas Winding Refn’s visually hypnotic The Neon Demon is easily one of the year’s most polarizing films. A dark psychological horror that oozes style in every frame, the film’s observation of our societal obsession with female beauty left some viewers cold. Make no mistake though, The Neon Demon is a gem of a film that […]

July 03

The Neon Demon

Sitting in a posh restaurant, a fashion designer (Alessandro Nivola) declares that “beauty isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” It may seem like a brash statement, at least to amateur photographer Dean (Karl Glusman), but in the world of The Neon Demon there is plenty of truth to his words. Beauty is the ultimate currency, […]

January 30

A Most Violent Year

In J.C. Chandor’s methodically tense crime drama, A Most Violent Year, the American Dream is ripe for the taking for those who have the fortitude to reach into murky waters and pull it out. Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) is the prototypical self-made man who has worked his way from driving trucks to be being the […]

January 13


A man on horseback emerges out of the dense fog like a hunter who has spotted his prey. Unraveling the whip in his hand, he strikes down one of the terrified individuals running away in fear. It is easy to imagine this scenario playing out in a traditional slave narrative, but this is Selma, Alabama […]

December 24

American Hustle

American Hustle, much like the medium of film, is all about illusions. The characters that exist within David O. Russell’s latest film are all consumed with creating an image of something they are not. They believe in their hearts that they are destined for a life greater than the ones they currently lead. Lacking the […]