In No Crying at the Dinner Table director Carol Nguyen interviews her own Vietnamese-Canadian family, mining them for secrets. Mostly they share their losses, their grief. The short film explores the cultural and generational differences in how her father, mother, and sister have experienced loss. Their grief ranges from physical expressions of sympathy to regret and shame to forgiveness. It’s incredibly personal and soberly realized.

What Nguyen accomplished in just 16 minutes is a veritable portrait of grief, and a moving, and living, family history. Her precisely-composed shots reflect the range of emotions, from raw to repressed, and her unobtrusive camera allows us a spot at the dinner table, preferably close to the tissues.

Screens (as part of Short Cuts Programme 08):
Tueday, September 10, 9 Scotiabank, 9 PM
Sunday, September 15, 9 Scotiabank, 9 PM