Over at That Shelf, I reviewed Danny Boyle’s romantic comedy Yesterday. After a freak global blackout, singer-songwriter Jack Malik realizes that he is the only person on Earth to remember The Beatles. Claiming their songs as his own, Jack is catapulted to stardom but is he ready to pay the cost that comes with fame? You can read my full thoughts on the film via the link below:

Yesterday Review


  1. It’s not without flaws, but to be honest, I liked it more than Danny Boyle’s other films. It’s a relief to have no world-building, no explanation no returnable franchise starting, just a simple love story. I get the faults, but I still like this kind of loose, friendly movie…

    1. I can see why people enjoy the film as there is much to like. Plus, it is nice to see original ideas in a summer full of sequels. However, the love story missed the mark for me.

      1. And I totally see what’s not to like here; a superficial story about two vaguely characterised people who can’t see the obvious atracction between them. And as you say, the music is too often the butt of jokes rather than given the chance to sing; Danny Boyle is no real fan of the music!

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