Drew Lint’s experimental thriller M/M is an intricate study of isolation and obsession. The film follows Matthew (Antoine Lahaie), a young man from Montreal, as he attempts to adjust to living in Berlin. One day he meets, and is instantly captivated by, the handsome Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher).

When Matthias is involved in a motorcycle accident, Matthew sees this as an opportunity to not only infiltrate the young man’s life, but to become that which he lusts after. This sets in motion a volatile mixture of passion and violence as the two men find themselves in a struggle for power.

Taking a minimalist approach, M/M is a film that is both challenging and intriguing. Lint’s film frequently blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. Just as Matthew and Matthias struggle to grasp what is real, Lint forces the audiences to question how much of what the are witnessing is a dream. This adds an ominous feel to the picture, even when the film employs moments of dark humor to break the tension.

The minimal use of dialogue in the film, Matthew and Matthias only speak to each other through text message, also adds to the dreamlike state of the film. Lint’s experimental approach leaves the viewer to do all the heavily lifting, only occasionally dropping clues to help them along their journey. As a result, is not a film that will appeal to those looking for a traditional narrative, however, those looking for a thought-provoking and invigorating piece of cinema will find much to chew on here.

A sensory experience that truly feels unique and daring, M/M marks Lint as a director to watch in the future.

Wednesday, May 30, 9:15 PM, TIFF Bell Lightbox

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