Beauty is an apt title, as this is a touching documentary short focuses on multiple transgender young people who are determined to live life the way they feel is right. It is clear that society has a way to go towards accepting these people for who they are, rather than what society expects of them. Things are changing – perhaps A Fantastic Woman winning an Oscar could help – but most if not all of these young, brave participants have experienced awfully embarrassing moments at school and elsewhere during their young lives. Simply because they were different.

These accounts make it clear that schools need to tackle the subject, but in saying that, it is not an easy issue to solve with one act, or five. Some young people can be extremely cruel.

The film also makes clear the importance of a supportive family. One gets the feeling that these young people would not have the positive outlooks that they possess without the support of their family and friends, who have accepted them for who they are.

Perhaps the best thing about this documentary is that it demonstrates that children can sometimes offer wiser words than the most intellectual of adults. That is true here as many memorable lines not only apply to the situation at hand, but also life itself. This is surely because of their childhood, as they have had to mature rapidly, discovering themselves earlier than most young people.

Beauty is a heartwarming documentary that gives us hope that that perhaps society can adapt. Eventually.

Screens (as part of In Real Life programme):
Sunday, March 11, 3:45 PM, TIFF Bell Lightbox
Saturday, March 17, 1:30 PM, TIFF Bell Lightbox
Wednesday, March 21, 10 AM, TIFF Bell Lightbox