August 32nd on Earth

In the second episode of Can’t Stop the Movies’ special retrospective on the works of Denis Villeneuve, Andrew Hathaway and I sit down with the director’s 1998 debut feature August 32nd on Earth. The film focuses on a young woman, Simone (Pascale Bussières), who is involved in a near fatal car crash, and begins to question her own mortality. Fearing that death can come at any moment, she sets out to convince her best friend Phillipe (Alexis Martin), who has secretly been in love with her for years, but is currently in a relationship, to have a baby with her. Part road trip movie, part romantic comedy, part meditation on human existence, there is plenty to unpack in this film. As always, give the show a listen and let us know your thoughts. You can find it on iTunes, download it here, or stream it on the Can’t Stop the Movies website. For those in Canada who have not seen August 32nd on Earth yet, it is currently available for rent on iTunes.