Eric Winter to Spring 01

As the battle between the taxi cab industry and companies like Uber rages on, the human element often gets lost in the clash of big business. Rarely do we really get to know the individuals who randomly enter our lives to drive us from point A to B. In their documentary short Eric, Winter to Spring, directors Danya Abt and Joyce Wong provide an intimate portrait of Eric Martine, a Brooklyn cab driver, through one season of his life. Observing Martine as he roams the streets at night, gets a tattoo, and works on his poetry, the film creates a portrait of a man who is working hard to get over past demons. Providing a snapshot of a moment in time, Eric, Winter to Spring effectively shows that while the past will always be with us, it should not stifle us from attempting to change the course of our future one step at a time.

Eric, Winter to Spring
Directors: Danya Abt and Joyce Wong / USA/ 2014/ 15 Minutes
Starring: Eric Martine