Today's the Day

I would like to believe that somewhere just past the pearly gates Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly are sharing a drink while giving an approving nod to Daniel Cloud Campos’ Today’s the Day. The delightful musical short film tells the tale of Cloud Walker (played by Campos), an intern at one of the top dance agencies, as he works up the nerve to ask his boss to grant him permission to participate in the biggest audition of the year. An audition that is so coveted that only those with representation can attend. Though he has no agent to vouch for him, the fear of letting his dream of dance slip through his fingers is just too great not to risk taking the chance.

Filled with an infectious sense of optimism, it is hard not to smile at the level of enthusiasm and talent on displayed in this film. Campos is unapologetic about his intentions with the film. Today’s the Day is meant to inspire us to find the inner courage to chase after our dreams, regardless of what it may be. The fear of living a lifetime of regret is far more damaging than the fear of failure. Featuring exceptional choreography by Tamara Levinson-Campos, who gives a playful tip of the hat to everyone from Michael Jackson to Charlie Chaplin, Today’s the Day provides an extra spring in our step as we head out the door to achieve that which brings us the most joy.

Today’s the Day
Director: Daniel Cloud Campos / 2012/ USA/ 13 minutes
Starring: Daniel Cloud Campos and Danny DeVito