Wild Life

The fifth season of Shorts That Are Not Pants screening series kicked off with a bang earlier this month. While I have sung its praise before, and have even purchased a yearly subscription to series for the past few years, I highly recommend that those in the Toronto area, or those visiting the city, make a point to take in one of the screenings. The series continually brings the best in short films to the big screen on a quarterly basis.

One of the very first shorts I ever saw at Shorts That Are Not Pants, weeks before it received a 2012 Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short, was Wild Life. Set in 1909, the charming film involves a young man leaving his home in England to try his hand at ranching in Alberta. It is only within the harsh elements of the province that the man begins to realize how misguided his quest for manhood really is. Offering an amusing, and at times bittersweet, look at the problems that come with the New World, directors Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby create a western that is as deliciously vibrant as the painted images onscreen.

Wild Life
Directors: Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby / Canada / 2012/ 13 Minutes


  1. Thanks for your rock solid support over the years, Courtney. Looking forward to another great season of Shorts That Are (Definitely) Not Pants in 2016!

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