To Venner2

Set in a dystopian landscape, Paw Charlie Ravn’s To Venner (Two Friends) is an intriguing and chilling exploration of the most primal aspects of man. The film follows Albert and Jonas, best friends and orphans, as they navigate through a world void of women and children. What caused the death of the women is never specified, all that is known is that life without female contact has caused the men to evolve in rather dark ways. Roaming aimlessly like hormone raging zombies, the men search for reminders of their female counterparts. Ravn’s film provides a rather captivating examination of gender that is not too far off from the world we know. The majority of the men, excluding the two young orphans at the core, only think about sex. They have reduced women to nothing more than objects, which is a direct contrast to the almost ethereal mysticism that Ravn attaches to the notion of women. Winner of the 2011 Robert Award (the Danish Academy Awards) for Best Short Film, To Venner is a bold and riveting tale that lingers in the mind long after it is over.

To Venner
Director: Paw Charlie Ravn / Denmark / 2011 / 8 minutes